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Research Funding Provided by: Australian Government
Research Funding Provided by
Australian Government

Australian Research Council

Environmental Futures Network
Environmental Futures Network
The University of Adelaide
North Terrace Campus
Darling Building
South Australia 5005

Phone: +61 8 8303 3952
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4364

Annual General Meetings

February 25, 2007, Adelaide Art Gallery



Bob Hill, Jim Bowler, Simon Haberle, Ary Hoffmann, Peter Kershaw, Paul Sunnucks, Mary Colreavy, Matthew Spriggs, David Yeates, Arthur Georges, Sean Connolly, Ross Crozier, Christopher Johnson, Dan Faith, Richard Shine, Robin Torrence, Mark Westoby, David Bowman, Barry Brook, Margaret Byrne, Neil Klaer, Don Driscoll, Mike Lee, Steve Donnellan

Apologies: Hugh Possingham, Sean Connell, Scott Keogh, Ian Lilley, Neville Nicholls, Brad Potts, Peter Lockart, Pauline Ladiges, Gifford Miller, Greg Rouse, Andrew Austin

Facilitator: Mark Douglas, Ethos Australia Pty. Ltd.


  • Confirmation of Management Committee
  • ARC Formalities - CIs to sign 'Grant Verification Form' and Institutions to sign 'Agreement to manage grant form'
  • Reframing the budget
  • Develop format for applications to the network for funding
  • Website presentation by Kojo Design
  • Group break-out exercises





Potential areas of focus for funded projects:


Human impact during Pleistocene (1st arrival); human response to climate change; holocene intensification of the resource use eg. megafauna; response of the biotas to aridification; monitoring biodiversity in efficient and cost effective ways; impacts of the past climate change on the biota; what were the critical events that led to arrival of humans in Australia?; understanding and managing biodiversity hotspots; Detailed species-level phylogenetics (complete).


Vegetation change last 200 years-effects on individual taxa (rather than general statements); evolution of flammability and fire tolerance; climate change and Aboriginal distribution and land use; human effects on plant distribution - conscious and unconscious; genealogical concordance in freshwater biodiversity; last glacial maximum effects as last major increase in aridity (28k-18k) on human and other animals and plants.

Emergence of Wider Arid Australia 30m -2m

Was it aridity or other things?; were the radiations progressive? 2010 biodiversity targets - draws in policy people, mulit-disciplinary, but there will be a definite scientific answer; biodiversity hotspots.