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Research Funding Provided by: Australian Government
Research Funding Provided by
Australian Government

Australian Research Council

Environmental Futures Network
Environmental Futures Network
The University of Adelaide
North Terrace Campus
Darling Building
South Australia 5005

Phone: +61 8 8303 3952
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4364

Annual General Meetings

January 19-20, 2007, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Noel Lothian Hall

This AGM was originally scheduled for September of 2006, but delayed until mid January 2007 to coincide with the 5th Southern Connection Conference held in Adelaide. As several members of the network were to attend this conference it was a feasible alternative to maximise attendance.

Participants: Robert Hill(Chair), Paul Sunnucks, Arthur Georges, Margaret Byrne, Christopher Johnson, Jim Bowler, Dan Faith, Mathew Spriggs, Peter Gell, Andy Austin, Peter Kershaw, Robin Torrence, Sean Connolly, Simon Haberle, Maria Lekis(Minute taker), Jackie Venning, Sean Connell, David Yeates, Steve Donnellan, Mark Harvey, Andrew Lowe, Hugh Possingham

Apologies: Terry Hughes, Peter Lockhart, Pauline Ladiges, David Bowman, Barry Brook, Tim Denham, Ross Crozier, Cameron Slayter

Guests: Prof AhChung Tsoi, Monash University; Robert Morrison, Flinders University; and Raymond Nias, WWF

Consultant: Mark Douglas, Ethos Australia Pty. Ltd.

Day 1

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Executive Report (funded projects overview, budget overview, notice of executive committee membership nominations)
  • 15 minute presentation by CIs of funded WGPs
  • Review and break
  • Summary of ECR projects
  • Guest Speaker, Prof Ah Chung Tsoi, Director e-Research Centre, Monash University, 'e-Research'
  • Guest Speaker, Dr Rob Morrison, visiting scholar, Flinders University, 'Trust me, I'm a Science Communicator!'
  • Break out of groups - actions for the next stage
Day 2
  • Group improvement project reports and discussion for agreed action
  • Executive Committee Membership
  • EFN post ARC resources discussion




The Management Committee was confirmed, with no new membership.

Key goals arising from break-out discussion groups for 2007-2009 were:

  1. Expand and further refine the Early Career Research Program
  2. Improve intra-group communication and communication between the Working Groups and network management
  3. Confirm and communicate network performance measures
  4. Consider the nature of the Environmental Futures Network post ARC funding
  5. All Working Groups to develop new grant opportunities from existing projects
  6. Network to contribute to the consultation for the development of the national Strategy for the conservation of Australia's biological diversity
  7. Develop a range of strategies to increase this network's interaction with resource managers
  8. Conduct a forth round of Working Group Funds allocation.