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Research Funding Provided by: Australian Government
Research Funding Provided by
Australian Government

Australian Research Council

Environmental Futures Network
Environmental Futures Network
The University of Adelaide
North Terrace Campus
Darling Building
South Australia 5005

Phone: +61 8 8303 3952
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4364

Annual General Meetings

January 31st & 1st February, 2008
Adelaide Oval, Gil Langley Room

This AGM encompassed day 1 of scientific presentations by Working Group Project conveners and day 2 of Network AGM business


Attending, Network CIs -Robert Hill(Chair), Margaret Byrne, Christopher Johnson, Dan Faith, Matthew Spriggs, Peter Gell, Andy Austin, Peter Kershaw, Robin Torrence, Sean Connolly, Simon Haberle, Sean Connell, Steve Donnellan, Andrew Lowe, Barry Brook, Alan Cooper, Craig Moritz, Steve Cooper, Ian Lilley, Mark Westoby, and Jeremy Austin

Apologies: T. Hughes, P. Lockhart, P. Ladiges, T. Denham, R. Crozier, C. Slayter, S. Koegh, B. Potts, A. Taylor, A. Butler, Jim Bowler, Arthur Georges

Guests: Annette Wilson (for Cameron Slatyer), Editor, Flora, Australian Biological Resources Study; Matt Coller, Monash University (presenting on SahulTime); Dan Rosauer Assistant Director, Natural Heritage Assessment, Dept. for the Environment, Water, Heritage & the Arts; Susannah Eliott, CEO Australian Science Media Centre(AusSMC); Jason Limnios, Media Officer also from AusSMC; Jane O'Neill, Natural Heritage Assessment Section; and Paul Dalby, In Fusion Consulting (sitting in as part of the Network's audit).

Maria Lekis (Note taker)

Network housekeeping. Agenda

  • Annual Report 2006 feedback
  • Re-cap previous AGM outcomes
  • Network activity in 2007
  • Budget
    • state of play
    • future expenditure
  • Addressing objectives of the original ARC application
  • Scientific Audit currently underway (P. Dalby)
  • Post ARC Funding
    download powerpoint slide here

Thursday 31st January, 2008 Working Group Project presentations by conveners (Power point presentation + mp3 audio posted soon )

Margaret Byrne, Evolutionary history of the Australian biota

David Bowman, Integrating historical, ecological, molecular and geographic data to reconcile Australian Biotic radiations - using eucalypts and song birds as a case study

Peter Kershaw, Land-Ocean correlation of long Quaternary records from the southern hemisphere on orbital and sub-orbital timescales
Tim Denham (Robin to present as proxy), Plant exploitation and domestication east of the Wallace Line: Movement, manipulation and management of plant biodiversity
and Matt Coller to present on SahulTime
Peter Gell, Recent Human Impact on Australian Ecosystems (OZPACS)
Dan Faith, Multidisciplinary approaches to key Australian biodiversity challenges of 2010 and beyond
Dan Faith, Multidisciplinary approaches to key Australian biodiversity challenges of 2010 and beyond
Andy Austin, Evolution of short-range endemic taxa associated with troglobitic and groundwater ecosystems
Sean Donnellan, Role of Melanesia in the diversification of the Australian terrestrial biota
David Paton, Habitat reconstruction and restoration: securing biodiversity assets in the face of climate change
Sean Connell, An ecological history of Australia's temperate marine environments: accounting for the shifting baseline syndrome