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Research Funding Provided by: Australian Government
Research Funding Provided by
Australian Government

Australian Research Council

Environmental Futures Network
Environmental Futures Network
The University of Adelaide
North Terrace Campus
Darling Building
South Australia 5005

Phone: +61 8 8303 3952
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4364

Annual General Meetings

October 27-30, 2005, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

This AGM/Strategic working meeting took place on Kangaroo Island over 3 days. This was a new form of AGM, where emphasis was on developing new Network funding applications, discussion on major research questions that members of the network should be addressing, examining which key data bases are required for research in this general area to move forward (and discussion on how to achieve these), and also spending time away from other commitments to build new research ideas. Successful and developing network applications were presented for further discussion.

Participants: Bob Hill (Chair), David Bowman, Barry Brook, Mark Harvey, Tim Denham, Steve Donnellan, Steve Cooper, Simon Harberle, Pauline Ladiges, Dan Faith, Robin Torrence, Les Christidis, Peter Kershaw, Peter Baxter, Sean Connolly, Margaret Byrne, Terry Hughes, Peter Gell, Sean Connell, Simon Hart, Alan Cooper, Nic Bax, Maria Lekis (minute taker), Andrew Lowe


  • Discuss applications for funding already received, with an emphasis on broadening the multidisciplinary aspects of them. (Brief presentations on funding bids from Terry Hughes, Dan Faith, Peter Kershaw, Sean Connell, Margaret Byrne)
  • Define key databases required by the network and discuss the form these are required in and how we might achieve them.
  • Define obvious gaps in expertise in the relevant Australian research community and how we might address them
  • Discuss possible CERF initiatives (the expression of interest will already be in). Bob Hill will present on the Adelaide bid. Others welcome to present bids they are involved in.
  • Funding options for Early Career Researchers


The Network should look to:
  • Define framework of exchanging and developing ideas and synergies
  • Facilitate and generate multidisciplinary Early Career Researchers
  • Provide funding to attend workshops and undertake short courses
  • Investigate databasing (requires further discussion and development - what type and which is most useful)
  • Redefine Network mission
  • Rank top publications
  • Provide opportunity for linkage grants
  • Define enduser and its engagement

15 minutes talks and discussion on new and developing projects were presented throughout the 3 day meeting.