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Environmental Futures Network

The University of Adelaide Australia

Network Publications

The following publications are works generated as part of the Working Group Projects. Names in bold are network members. (You can find a digital object identifier link using the DOI site browser and copy past the relevant doi you wish to search for)


  • Byrne M., Steane D., Joseph L., Yeates D., Jordan G., Crayn D., Sniderman J.M.K., Aplin K., Cantrill D., Cook L.G., Crisp, M.D., Keogh J.S., Melville J., Moritz C., Porch N., Sunnucks P. and Weston P. (accepted Feb 2011) Decline of a biome: contraction, fragmentation, extinction and invasion of the Australian mesic zone biota. Journal of Biogeography


  • Boulton, A.J., Datry, T., Kasahara, T., Mutz, M. & Stanford, J.A. (2010) Ecology and management of the hyporheic zone: stream-groundwater interactions of running waters and their floodplains. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29: 26-40.
  • Bradford, T., M. Adams, W.F. Humphreys, A.D. Austin & S.J.B. Cooper (2010) DNA barcoding of stygofauna uncovers cryptic amphipod diversity in a calcrete aquifer in Western Australia’s arid zone. Molecular Ecology Resources 10: 41-50.
  • Camacho A.I. & Hancock, P.J. The first description of Syncarida (Crustacea) from Queensland, Australia: two new species of Notobathynella Schminke, 1973 (Bathynellacea, Parabathynellidae). Journal of Natural History (accepted September 2010).
  • Camacho, A.I. & Hancock, P. (2010) A new record of Parabathynellidae (Crustacea, Bathynellacea) in Australia: a new genus and species from New South Wales. Journal of Natural History 44: 1081-1094.
  • Cho, J-L. & Humphreys, W.F. (2010) Ten new species of the genus Brevisomabathynella Cho, Park and Ranga Reddy, 2006 (Malacostraca, Bathynellacea, Parabathynellidae) from Western Australia. Journal of Natural History 44: 993-1079.
  • Guzik, M.T., S.J.B. Cooper, W.F. Humphreys, S. Ong, T. Kawakami & A.D. Austin (in press) Evidence for micro-allopatric speciation processes in an isolated desert aquifer. Heredity.
  • Humphreys, W.F. (in press) Management of groundwater species in karst environments, In P. van Beynen (ed.) Karst Management. Spinger Verlag, Berlin. 
  • Kornicker, L.S., Humphreys, W.F., Danielopol, D.L. & Harrison-Nelson, E. (2010) Ontogeny of an anchialine ostracod from Western Australia and comments on the origin and distribution of Halocyprididae. Crustaceana 83: 715-752.
  • Leys, R., B. Roudnew, & C. H.S. Watts (2010). Paroster extraordinarius  sp. nov.: a new stygobitic diving beetle from the Flinders Ranges, with notes on other diving beetles from the hyporheic in South Australia (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) Australian Journal of Entomology 49: 66-72.
  • Leys, R., Bloechl, A., & Koenemann, S. (in press) Bogidiella veneris, a new species of subterranean Amphipoda (Crustacea: Bogidiellidae) from Australia, with remarks on the systematics and biogeography. Hydrobiologia.
  • Nevil, J., Hancock, P.J., Murray, B., Ponder, W., Humphreys, W.F., Phillips, M, & Groom, P.K. (in press) Groundwater dependent ecosystems and the dangers of groundwater overdraft : a review and an Australian perspective. Pacific Conservation Biology.
  • Tomlinson, M. & A.J. Boulton (2010) Ecology and management of subsurface groundwater dependent ecosystems in Australia ] a review. Marine and Freshwater Research 61: 936–949.
  • Wood, P. J., Boulton, A. J., Little, S. & Stubbington, R. 2010. Is the hyporheic zone a refugium for macroinvertebrates during severe low flow conditions? Fundamental & Applied Limnology 176: 377-390.
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  • Murphy, B. P., Paron, P., Prior, L. D., Boggs, G. S., Franklin, D. C., and Bowman, D. M. J. S. (2010). Using generalized autoregressive error models to understand fire-vegetation-soil feedbacks in a mulga-spinifex landscape mosaic. Journal of Biogeography, 1-14. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2699.2010.02359.x
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  • Martin, T.G., Catterall, C.P., Manning, A.D., & Szabo, J (in press). Australian Birds in a changing landscape: 220 Years of European colonization. In: Birds and Habitat: Relationships in Changing Landscapes (ed. Fuller RJ). Cambridge Press   
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