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Why Adelaide?

City of Adelaide

There's so much to love about Adelaide!

The city was founded in 1836 and is the state capital of South Australia,
with a current population of about 1.2 million people.

Now, we occupy a unique position among Australian cities, featuring:

  • Affordable cost-of-living - Adelaide is the most affordable mainland capital city in which to live, including food, transportation and accommodation.
  • Lifestyle - Adelaide is friendly and offers a real sense of community while also offering a wide range of attractions and entertainment.
  • Climate - Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate: ranging from 16°C average maximum in winter to 22°C in autumn and spring and 29°C during summer.
  • Study environment - Adelaide is the safest, cleanest, greenest and most affordable Australian city in which to study. Its size and sense of comfort means it provides an atmosphere conducive to study.

You want beaches? Festivals? Proximity to beautiful Australian nature and the Outback? Adelaide has all of this - and more!

Visit and to find out more.


The University of Adelaide is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide.

We're a member of Australia's Group of Eight, made up of the country's best universities, and feature a beautiful campus with traditional sandstone buildings mixed with cutting-edge learning and research facilities.

A degree from the University of Adelaide is recognised internationally. We have produced numerous Nobel Laureates whose research has made an enormous impact on the world, as well as more than 100 Rhodes Scholars and 100 Fulbright Scholars.

" Adelaide is beautiful and peaceful, offering fascinating beaches and retains the charm of a precious history. It is also a multicultural city where you are treated equally and kindly regardless of where you are from. " Yang Xiao - China
Professional & Continuing Education including the English Language Centre

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The University of Adelaide
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