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Energy Storage, Renewables and the Electricity Network

  • Case Studies in Energy Storage
    In 2015, the Electrical networks Association collated a document that gives an overview of Energy Storage projects around Australia undertaken by its members.
  • Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap
    ENA have been working with the CSIRO to put together a roadmap of the electricity network transformation from 2015 - 2025.
  • Renewable Energy Stocktake Database
    The stocktake data base collates studies, trials and demonstration projects that connect and integrate renewable energy into the electricity grid. The database is collated by Electrical Networks Australia.
  • The Economics of Battery Storage
    In 2015 the Rocky Mountain Institute published a comprehensive paper analysing the different value streams that energy storage may be able to capture
  • Safety Testing Approaches for Large Lithium-Ion Battery Systems
    This EU funded project develops and validates a safety framework for large stationary Lithium Ion batteries in all stages of their life cycle (commissioning, transport, installation, operation, maintenance, repair, decommissioning, recycling).
  • Commercialisation of Energy Storage
    This 2015 EU Study examines the role and commercial viability of energy storage in enabling increasing levels of intermittent renewable power generation. It was specifically written to inform thought leaders and decision-makers about the potential contribution of storage in order to integrate renewable energy sources (RES) and about the actions required to ensure that storage is allowed to compete with the other flexibility options on a level playing field.
  • Global Energy Storage Database
    While the AESKB project endeavours to deliver as much data as possible on real life usage of energy storage systems, this US Department of Energy Database gives an overview of the different energy storage projects deployed around the world, NA – Renewable Database

Third Party Renewable and Energy Storage Data

  • Alaskan Energy Powerhouse Data
  • The Alaskan Centre for Energy and Power has compiled an Energy Data Gatewaythat includes high resolution data from energy storage and renewable energy deployment across Alaska.
  • Residential Battery Tests
    ITP – a Canberra based consultancy – have established a lithium ion battery testing facility where residential energy storage systems are tested and compared in an unbiased setting. Data is available on their website.
  • TransGrid’s iDemand Project
    iDemand is an electricity demand management system including a battery, solar panels and energy efficient lighting. iDemand is designed to reduce TransGrid’s electricity use at our Sydney West site by almost half at times of peak demand. Much of the data from the system is available under the Downloads section of the website.

Buying a Residential Energy Storage System

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