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Energy Research Cluster
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Energy Research Cluster


The Energy Research Cluster at the University of Adelaide is a cross-disciplinary team of researchers with a common interest in energy research.  Energy research activities at the University are conducted across a wide spectrum.   

You may represent a commercial, government or non-profit organisation that requires expert advice about an energy problem.  You may wish to commercialise an opportunity.  Your may be an energy researcher at the University, or elsewhere, who wishes to make connections.  Whatever your energy research interest, this website is for you.

External partnerships are the lifeblood of the Energy Research Cluster.  Some of the partners that are currently engaged in energy research at The University of Adelaide are shown here.

Energy Research Programs and Activities
Researchers at The University of Adelaide are currently engaged in an exciting range of energy research programs.  Disciplines that are actively engaged include Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Architecture, Law, Health and the Behavioural Sciences.  Researchers operating in your chosen field of interest can be found from this web site using key-word search facilities.

The University owns or can readily access a wide range of specialist energy research equipment.

To discuss ways in which The University of Adelaide can address your energy research problem, your are most welcome to contact us.

Energy Researchers
If you are a researcher at The University of Adelaide and seek potential colleagues working in the energy field, this website is your starting point.  Browse the energy research fields in which the University is active, or look for researchers in your field of interest here

University of Adelaide energy research cluster members have access to their own specialised section of this website.

Energy research at The University of Adelaide is a rewarding experience and the University often seeks to recruit research staff.  Details of current energy research career opportunities at the University are displayed here.

Making Connections
The Energy Research Cluster publishes a newsletter about the University's energy research activities.  Issues of topical interest related to energy are also covered.

The Energy Research Cluster organises events for both its external partners and on-campus members.  Details of forthcoming activities are available here.  Selected energy-related events organised by external organisations are also listed.

A listing of useful energy research-related web links is also available.

Please enjoy your visit to our website and return again soon.  Energy research is characterised by constant change.  Likewise, we aim to constantly develop this website.