Preferred First Name for Campus Email Address and MyUni

Preferred first name for campus email and MyUni Form

Please note the following observance:

Students can nominate a preferred first name that you commonly use that is different from your legal name.

Your preferred name:

  • can reflect and express your gender, culture and social identity.
  • can be changed at any time without evidence.
  • will only affect your student campus email address and MyUni.

Your legal name will continue to be stored in University systems and be used for relevant legal or reporting purposes.

Students are advised that they may need to personally communicate their preferred first name to academic or professional staff.

If you are seeking changes to other personal details, you will need to separately submit a ‘Change of Personal Details for Students’ form.

Preferred first name for campus email address and MyUni
Optional preferred first name

Please note:

  • The use of a preferred first name is optional.
  • Students will be able to change their first name only, not their surname.
  • A preferred first name will only be used for campus email address and MyUni.
  • The preferred name change can reflect a different gender to that recorded at the University of Adelaide.
  • Changes to gender and last name must be submitted separately on the Change of Personal Details for Students form accompanied by relevant evidence as outlined in that form.
  • Student Administration has the discretion to refuse name changes that are offensive or inappropriate.
  • There are no restrictions  to the number of changes students can make, however Student Administration has the discretion to review unreasonable requests.
Student authorisation to amend details

Requested changes cannot be processed unless the completed and authorised form is submitted.