About Us

Adelaide Enterprise is your gateway to access the University of Adelaide's inventions and innovations.

By connecting clients and the community with the University’s internationally acclaimed researchers, we endeavour to maximise economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits through the co-creation of innovation and the transfer of knowledge.

Adelaide Enterprise was established in 2016 as an initiative of the University's research strategy 2016-2018 to drive entrepreneurship efforts, licensing deal flow and generate increased spinouts.

We work side by side with research and business partnerships which manages contract research, consulting and collaborative R&D partnerships.

The University of Adelaide has always been a leader in innovation and research that has made a difference to people's lives around the world. This culture of innovation has earned the University its reputation as a dynamic, forward-thinking and productive institution, with a wide range of industry and government clients.

The University has contributed over $3 million to promising early-stage technologies from our Commercial Accelerator Scheme, and we have also leveraged millions more from venture capital and angel investors as well as commercially focused support programs provided by Government.

All income generated through commercial activities is fed back to the University, helping to sustain research and other activities. But the true impact of this work is measured by the contribution it makes to the economy, society, culture, public policy, health, the environment and overall quality of life for people all over the world.

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  • Our research expertise

    Each year hundreds of public and private customers from a range of industry sectors - across Australian and internationally - leverage the skills and insights of the researchers at the University of Adelaide. We have a vast research footprint spread across five Campus locations which are home to five world-class Research Institutes and a number of specialist Research Centres. Some of these are featured here:

    • advancing communities
    • agriculture
    • defence and security
    • energy and mining
    • engineering
    • environment
    • healthcare

    For more information about our research sectors visit the Research website.

    Enquiries about contract research and collaborations should be directed to the Research & Business Partnerships (RBP) team.

  • Licensing technologies

    Adelaide Enterprise facilitates licensing agreements on behalf of researchers at the University of Adelaide. We aim to simplify the process of engaging with the University by providing you with a dedicated commercial manager to negotiate the terms of the agreement for mutual benefit of all parties.

  • Commercial assessment

    An innovation disclosure is a notification to Adelaide Enterprise of the outcome of a research project or an idea that might lead to commercial application. We will review each disclosure for its commercial viability and work with you to identify and protect any IP and then package it for commercialisation - maintaining confidentiality at all times. If you have an idea or research project which may have commercial potential, contact us before you send out your article or conference paper abstract.

    An invention disclosure form can be found on the resources page, or you can email ip@adelaide.edu.au if you have any queries.