Current Opportunities

The University of Adelaide's world-class researchers continuously create cutting-edge technologies that benefit society.

We are actively seeking commercial partners for a number of our existing technologies and research projects from right across the University's research footprint - including communications, medical, advanced manufacturing and sustainable technologies. For a snapshot of these, browse our portfolio.

View some of our Startups / commercial ventures

Zika NS1 DNA Vaccine

A simple and intensive DNA vaccine that elicits robust humoral and cell mediated immune response to the Zika virus NS1 protein, resulting in protection against challenge.

Cytolytic DNA vaccines

DNA vaccines show exciting translational prospects for development of effective vaccines to prevent establishment of persistent infection.

Hybrid solar receiver system

Our Hybrid Receiver Combustor offers efficient, cost-effective, modular cavity receivers that integrate solar thermal and gas combustion. Potential benefits include lower cost of solar thermal power due to reduced infrastructure, firm supply, and potential thermodynamic synergies.

Photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into fuel

A solar-induced system for photocatalytic conversion of water into fuels such as hydrogen and methane.

Optical fibre pH probe

Real time cancer cell detector for clean margins in primary breast cancer surgery.

Methods and products for preventing and/or treating microorganism infections

Targeting chronic rhinosinusitis, researchers at the University of Adelaide have identified an effective way of treating biofilms by targeting essential iron metabolism pathways in pathological bacteria. 

Reduction of bone loss

Working with a research compound to inhibit a specific Carbonic Anhydrase (CA), our team is targeting the Osteocyte, rather than the Osteoclast, hypothesising that this mechanism of action should result in lower side effects, and reduced risk of rebound post treatment.