Our Startups

For some technologies, creating a start up company is a more appropriate commercialisation strategy than licensing.

When that opportunity arises, Adelaide Enterprise will create the company and secure the investment and resources to manage it.

Contact Adelaide Enterprise to find out more about the Startups we have facilitated.

ART Lab Solutions

ART Lab Solutions’ foundational products are a complete suite of formulated media solutions for the production of cattle IVF embryos. These have greatly enhanced the commercial viability of cattle IVF; a market that is growing exponentially around the world.

Athena Irrigation Technology

Our irrigation optimisation solution utilises a new paradigm of irrigation scheduling based directly on what matters most, the plant’s water status.


A revolutionary printable memory technology consisting of tiny cube-shaped memory cells with potential to enable data to be stored on plastic, glass and silicon. The technology is targeting the global USD 78 Billion memory market.


ByGen have developed a process that allows a wide-variety of agricultural wastes to be used in an integrated approach for the generation of clean energy and the value-added products "biochar" and “activated carbon”, with minimal processing requirements.

GPN Vaccines

GPN Vaccines is developing an effective vaccine that protects against all Streptococcus pneumoniae strains, regardless of strain serotype. The best vaccine currently on the market only protects against 13 of 98 serotypes. Gamma-PNTM – GPN Vaccines’ new S. pneumoniaevaccine is being developed to protect children and adults against all S. pneumoniae strains, regardless of strain serotype.


An inexpensive handheld probe for 3D optical coherence tomography scanning. Configured for common-path OCT, they avoid the need for an interferometer by generating their own internal reference reflection.


Snap’s core technology has been commercialized from world-leading research in large-scale video surveillance. Snap has taken the unique approach of focusing on a camera network as a whole, resulting in software with the ability to automatically learn the relationships between cameras across the network, and to apply this knowledge of the network topology in generating a simple, robust and intuitive video pursuit tool for security operators.

Trajan nutrition

Our goal is to improve the health of mothers and their children by providing accurate and unbiased information that can be used to develop a personalised dietary pathway to better health. We will help you develop a better understanding of the essential roles that good nutrition plays in setting the foundations for a healthy start to life.



Using a combination of proprietary and known molecular markers associated with early stage ovarian cancer, OncoDx is developing an assay for detecting early stage ovarian cancer.  The company is currently developing the test assay platform and validating it using patient blood and tissue samples.