Templates & Toolkits

Adelaide Enterprise have a range of templates available to assist you with your IP management and commercialisation requirements. Please refer to the toolkits below, our IP management page or email enterprise@adelaide.edu.au for further assistance.

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  • IP toolkit

    The Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration (IP Toolkit), a joint project between the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and IP Australia, is designed to facilitate, simplify and improve collaboration between researchers and industry.

    • The IP Toolkit contains guides and tools to help you use and manage intellectual property (IP) in collaboration.
    • It can be used by anyone wishing to undertake a collaboration project involving business and research.

    Australian IP toolkit for collaboration

    For assistance email ip@adelaide.edu.au.

  • Spin out toolkit

    The team at Adelaide Enterprise deliver University technologies to the market that create a positive impact on society and in turn bring benefits to the University to support its research activities and ongoing innovation.

    Are you ready for commercialisation?

    View the spin out check list

    Email enterprise@adelaide.edu.au for advice to help your company's early stages of growth.

  • Conflicts of interest

    When looking at commercial opportunities it is important to consider any potential conflicts that may arise.

    Adelaide Enterprise have developed a fact sheet with useful resources to ensure that you avoid any potential conflicts.

    View the COI fact sheet

    Email enterprise@adelaide.edu.au if you would like to discuss any specific potential conflicts further.

  • Inventors Guide

    As a University Researcher, the Technology Transfer process can often be confusing.

    The Inventor’s Guide to Technology Transfer outlines the essential elements of technology transfer at the University of Adelaide. This guide is organised to answer the most common questions we typically field from our research community and provides a broad overview of the tech transfer process and services available for researchers.

    University of Adelaide Tech Transfer Guide