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South Australian Seagrass Collaborative

About Us

We are a multi-organisational working group, with members from the University of Adelaide, Environment Protection Authority (SA EPA), South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), SA Water, SA State Herbarium & Department for environment & Water (DEW). The Collaborative is supported by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, and the Centre for Applied Conservation Science.

Why We Exist


SA has a wealth of seagrass knowledge, but it's not centralised

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Data is scattered & non-standardized: records, videos, pictures, etc. could be lost over time

Many Stakeholders are individually researching & monitoring seagrass across the state. All efforts could benefit from improved communication & data collation

Our Impact

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between stakeholders
  • Increase discoverability of seagrass data, to enhance its power for monitoring and management
  • Secure existing and future data against uncertain continuity of personnel and resources

Poor water quality is the primary threat to seagrass cover

Our Goals
  • Coordinate collation & sharing of seagrass data across South Australia to enhance its power for monitoring and management.
  • Review South Australian seagrass data & identify where data discoverability could be improved
  • Established infrastructure for cataloguing existing data allowing more effective use of this wealth of information

This project is proudly supported by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

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Centre for Applied Conservation Science

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