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Leadership and Climate Change:
Does anyone really have the courage to take it on?

Instructions to access Livestream

Please note that the live stream will not be active until the session has started.

Windows Computers
All recent Windows computers come with Windows Media Player pre-installed, which is the only software you need. Clicking on the streaming/broadcast link you wish to view should automatically open Windows Media Player, and start playing.

If it does not, you will need to manually open Windows Media Player. Once opened click 'File > Open URL' and type in the link to the stream/broadcast you wish to watch. If 'File > Open URL' is not visible in Windows Media Player, push the 'ALT' key on your keyboard while Windows Media Player is open, which will reveal the menu after selecting Open URL please paste the following:

Mac / Linux / Windows Alternative
The software VLC can playback public University streams/broadcasts. To do this, download and install VLC, then open the program. Once open, click File > Open Network, and enter the URL for the stream/broadcast, and click open, the stream should begin playing. The URL for this is:

Disclaimer: Because of the following reasons the broadcast may not be viewed successfully on your computer. The broadcast is dependent on adequate broadband, platform operating system and the player versions installed. It is also dependent on firewalls setup to block certain traffic either on your own computer, modem or by your ISP.



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