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September Cause of Thylacine demise, Echindna Poop and Flaws with Scientific Writing
August #SAScienceAward Winners, CRISPR and a Trapdoor spider that crossed the Indian Ocean?
July Deputy Director Bronwyn Gillanders nominated for Scientist of the Year and Centre for Advanced Nano-materials has developed a method for carbon neutral fuel.
June Can we predict tipping point of ecosystem collapse? and $2 million Naracoorte ARC Linkage Project announced.
May New forest discovered which is 60% size of Australia and modern microbes may be ruining your life!


Neandertals used 'aspirin' for pain and Aboriginal hair shows a 50,000 year connection to Australia.
February Ross River Virus could be the next global epidemic and Liz Reed is followed into the caves by The Disney Channel...


EI welcomes Kris Helgen, Goolwa cockles measure time, new Goyder project builds climate resilience and more...
  • 2016
    Issue Details
    November 2016 wrap up - our top research stories and publications for the year
    September Spring collaborations with local food co., plus how to influence decision makers.
    August New Centre of Excellence, how to avoid Carpageddon, latest publications and more.
    July New international collaboration, SA Science Excellence, plus WIN tickets to TEDx Adelaide.
    June Big buzz around pollination, sea snakes swim their way to media glory, our research now on Instagram!
    May Parasitoid Wasps and Cuttlefish represent our research on the world stage.
    April Launch of new centres & high flying research, leaves & fish data inform policy, the biggest NRM gathering in SA ever!
    March CSI Adelaide, NRM Science Conference, Genetic profiling of trees helps convict timber thieves, Naracoorte’s famous cave for hire.
    February NRM Science Conference, Palaeo Down Under, Alien plants and animals drive native species to extinction.
    January Science in the Pub, Animal Dawn, Lecturer of the Year Award, Future Fellowships
  • 2015
    Issue Details
    December University of Adelaide launches joint Australia-China centre, Uni’s research performance shines well above world standard, Is nuclear power the climate change solution?
    November Using computer modelling to save endangered species, Protecting Australia's marine biodiversity, Seeing natural selection at work in ancient human DNA - Nature paper
    October Flying drones to save the environment, Safe, clean water defines civilisation, Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse
    September Rare fossil find in Naracoorte Caves, Ensuring healthy bees for farms and trees, ACAD assists with Wynarka investigation
    August Fire damage to soils sets back bushfire recovery, Drones to assist with Dingo Fence monitoring, Volcanic vents preview future ocean habitats
    July Professor Tim Flannery Event, Workshop: Impacts of prescribed burning on orchids and their pollinators, Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change
    June SA needs to look beyond wind for its clean energy, Should Australia embrace a nuclear future? Data bank launched for global access to ancient DNA
    May Flood disaster risk is more complex than expected, Mapping fire fuel load with a drone, Losing oyster reefs to history
    April Goyder Institute Water Research Conference 2015, European wasp numbers on the rise in Adelaide Hills, Global challenge to ensure access to clean and safe water
    March Coorong fish 'hedge their bets' for survival, SA scientists have their say, Fighting climate change with greener cities
    February Environment Institute researcher to headline WOMADeldaide Planet Talks, UAE International Drones for Good Award, Shipping under focus in the Gulf
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