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About the Sprigg Geobiology Centre

Geobiology encompasses the fundamental science of how organisms both alter and evolve in response to the environment and how they control geologic processes that influence resource distribution and environmental stability. Geobiological research thus addresses critical questions facing society, these include sustainable energy and resources, changing climate, resource scarcity, environmental dispersion of toxins, as well as species diversity. The latest revolution in geoscience research recognizes the inseparable nature of life from the Earth system.

The Sprigg Geobiology Centre (SGC) undertakes research at the interface of life and Earth, as well as developing the understanding of how geobiological systems sustain society and can be best managed.

Mission of the Centre

  • Coordinate a geobiology research program that investigates fundamental process and its application to energy, resources and environment.
    Integrate research between disciplinary strengths at University of Adelaide.
  • Catalyse new research directions that lie on the boundaries between research fields.
  • Improve analytical capacity in shared faciities that integrate research groups, train users and develop analytical methods.
  • Create a geobiology teaching program integrated with research at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • Provide a public outreach program connecting Earth history with palaeontology and the history and future projection of environmental change.

Reg Sprigg AO

Reg Sprigg

The Centre recognizes the great scientific contributions of Reg Sprigg AO to humanity that integrated geology and biology in both fundamental and applied science.  His discovery of the Ediacaran fauna provided a fundamental piece of the understanding of the origin of complex life on this planet.  He played a leading role in energy resource development (an applied geobiological science) in South Australia evident in the founding of Santos and Beach Petroleum, and was a founding member of the Geological Society of Australia. . He was also a conservationist who turned a derelict grazing property into the national geologic and ecological treasure that is the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. These accomplishments underscore Sprigg’s pioneering career and offer inspiration to young South Australians at the University of Adelaide.

Sprigg Geobiology Centre

Napier Building
North Terrace Campus
The University of Adelaide


T: +61 8 8313 5146
F: +61 8 8313 3772