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Project Funding

The Sprigg Geobiology Centre secured almost $1 million dollars in HERDC funding in 2015.

Australian Research Council Future Fellows

  • Cesca McInerney
  • Lee Arnold

Australian Research Council Discovery projects

John Tibby leads an ARC Discovery project “A 140,000 year insight into the imprint of climate and humans on Australia” (2015-2017). Juraj Farkas is a work-package leader of a large EU funded project BASE-LiNE Earth ( that aims to reconstruct chemical and isotope evolution of seawater over geological timescale using new metal isotope proxies.

Jonathan Tyler is a co-investigator on ARC Discovery Project “The application of clumped isotope thermometry to the terrestrial environment” (2014-2017). AINSE currently support: Jonathan Tyler, Georgina Falster, Martin Ankor, Andrew Chapman. Have previously supported several honours and PhD students. BP, CSIRO & PIRSA fund the Great Australian Bight Research Program supporting co-investigators David McKirdy, Tony Hall and PhD student Alex Corrick. Alex Corrick has been awarded the Bernold M. “Bruno” Hanson Memorial Environmental Grant through the AAPG Grants-In-Aid program.

Sprigg Geobiology Centre

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