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All facility staff can be contacted via email on alternatively individual university staff members can be contacted using the links below.

Facility staff

Dr. Ramesh Raja Segaran

RPAS Pilot
RePL Instructor

Molly Hennekam

Business Manager & Ecologist
RPAS Pilot

Mitch Bannink

Chief Remote Pilot
Senior RPAS Pilot | Commercial Pilot
RePL Instructor

Steven Andriolo

Senior Maintenance and Compliance Officer

P.Y. Wong

RPAS Engineer
RePL Instructor

Matthew Bowie

Sustainability and Human Behaviour Change Researcher
RPAS Pilot

Jarrod Hodgson

RPAS Pilot

Kylie Piper

Conservation Management Researcher
RPAS Pilot

Alan Stenhouse

Citizen Science Researcher
RPAS Pilot

Sabine Buchheim

Traditional Fire Management Researcher
RPAS Pilot

Dillon Campbell

Precision Agriculture Data Scientist
RPAS Pilot

Tasya Vadya Sarira

Ecosystems & Conservation Data Scientist
RPAS Pilot

Aakash Lamba

Machine Learning & Data Science Researcher
RPAS Pilot

Sreekar Rachakonda

Community Ecologist
RPAS pilot

Affiliate Researchers and Personnel