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Anti-poaching Missions in SumatraWe collaborate with Global Conservation with support from the Morgan Family Foundation to detect illegal poaching and forest clearing activity in Sumatra, Indonesia. Utilising thermal imagery and GPS locations, this information helps authorities to better monitor and protect these biodiverse environments.

Logged rainforest in Sumatra

Koala Detection on Kangaroo IslandWorking in collaboration with DEWNR we are exploring the effectiveness of drones and sensor systems in assessing koala populations within blue gum plantations on Kangaroo Island. This information can help in determining appropriate monitoring regimes and allow analysis of population trends relative to management efforts.


Crop Phenotyping using Low Altitude ImagingIn an exciting partnership with the Plant Accelerator, an Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, we are investigating how UAVs can be used to help agricultural scientists in their research on the interactions between plant genetics, environmental conditions and management actions.

Digitised warren habitat

Dog Fence MonitoringWe collaborate with PIRSA to evaluate the effectiveness of drone and sensor systems to detect breaches in the Dog Fence, and evaluate their cost effectiveness compared to traditional monitoring methods.

Dog Fence

Mapping Fire Fuel LoadWe collaborate with DEWNR to explore various applications of drones for managing South Australia’s natural resources. One of these projects involves the use of drones to map and quantify fire fuel load before and after prescribed burns.

Video of mapping fire fuel load

High Resolution Remote Island MappingURAF has worked with the Australian Antarctic Division to produce geo-referenced photographic maps of their research station on subantarctic Macquarie Island. These high resolution products are utilised by AAD personnel for a variety of purposes including on and off-site design and review of infrastructure. They also serve as a historical record that can be used to investigate environmental change over time.

Digitised warren habitat

VHF Collar DetectionWe collaborate with DEWNR in developing technology that enables drones to receive transmission from VHF collars attached to native animals. The development of this technology can provide significant improvements to monitoring methods of species throughout South Australia.

Drone inflight for VHF collar detection

Mapping Bettong Warrens and HabitatWe use drone imagery to map the warrens and habitat of the Burrowing Bettong within the Arid Recovery Reserve. This information helps us understand how Bettong populations might be affecting the distribution and condition of native vegetation. Explore the habitat

Digitised warren habitat

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