Mapping With Drones (VISIBLE)

Person pointing at chart.

Mapping with drones looks remarkably simple, and it can be with a little help.

A knowledge of the fundamentals of mapping helps to tackle problems that are inevitable in and off the field. The Mapping with Drones course is aimed at giving you a solid understanding of the data capture and processing workflow. You will learn how to collect reliable RGB imagery and generate 3D point clouds and 2D images for mapping. The team at the Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility will share our extensive experience in mapping with drones to help you capture good data, consistently. 

Duration: Two days 

Course dates 

Dates: 21-22 June 2021 
Venue: University of Adelaide Waite Campus 
Registration: Fully booked! 

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  • Pricing & Registration

    Standard Mapping with Drones Course Fee: $2100 + GST

    Payment options will appear here when a course is available for registration. 

    For further details on course fees, please see Course Pricing.

  • Multi-Course Package

    Discounts are available for registration in both the RePL Course and one of our mapping courses. Visit our Course Pricing page for further details. 

  • Industry-specific Workshops

    For groups of 8+ participants we are able to accommodate an industry-specific cohort tailored to your applications, with the potential for course delivery at your workplace. Enquire directly with the URAF to explore how this option could work for your team.

  • COVID-19 Course Updates

    Kindly note all delivery methods are subject to change to adapt to changing circumstances and regulations.