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Water - in oceans, rivers, lakes and on land - provides an essential role in the health of human and environmental systems.

The Environment Institute continues to develop a water centre at the University of Adelaide which engages government, industry and the community to find a balance between human and environmental needs, as well as improvements, when it comes to climate change, fresh water management, human health and seas and oceans.

Bodies of coastal and inland water provide habitats for fish species and biodiversity, yet they are also under pressure from development in industries such as mining, agriculture and transport. The provision of fresh water naturally and through treatment or desalination is another way in which water must meet a variety of needs.

The Institute is working across a broad range of disciplines, providing decision makers with evidence for the management and use of natural resources and infrastructure.

Specific marine research is underway in the Spencer Gulf.

A wide range of research on freshwater is also undertaken. This includes:

These projects and future work will develop new networks and collaborations both in Australia and internationally to bring advance the science of water and to develop viable solutions for national and international water management.

Listen to Marine Biology Program Director, Professor Bronwyn Gillanders, talk about the Spencer Gulf Project:

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