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Water Research Centre
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WRC Guest Speaker - Professor You-Kuan Zhang

Hosted by the Water Research Centre and the Confucius Institute

The Water Research Centre and Confucius Institute presented Professor You-Kuan Zhang from the Centre for Hydrosciences Research at Nanjing University, China on Thursday 30 May 2013.

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30 May

River Pollution Control in China: the Huai River Project

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Located in the east-central China, Huai River is one of three major rivers in China. The Huai River basin is densely populated and rapidly developed. The water quality in the river began to deteriorate in the early 1980s as China started its economic reform. More than 100 water pollution accidents occurred in the basin, which caused huge damage to the region’s economy and serious environmental and health problems to the people living in the basin. After more than 10 years of massive and persistent effort between late1980s and 2000, the deterioration of water quality of the river was generally contained. However, the overall situation of water pollution in this basin was still serious in early 2000s due to insufficient rainfalls, inefficient wastewater treatment methods, and poor watershed management. A five-year project, “A comprehensive study of water pollution control in the Huai River Basin”, was funded in 2006 by China’s EPA under the Nation’s 11th Five-Year Plan with a total budget of 135 million Chinese Yuans (about 20 million AUD) plus 253 million Chinese Yuan (about 37.2 million AUD) in matching funds from the local governments. The project brought together more than 200 hydrologists, biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists and engineers, and government officials from more than 10 universities, six research institutes and four provincial governments to conduct an interdisciplinary and collaborative research led by the principle investigator, Professor You-Kuan Zhang of Nanjing University with 10 co-PIs each of who is charged with a specific task. At the end of this project the main problems and major point and non-point sources of the water pollution in the basin were identified, a comprehensive plan for preventing and controlling the water pollution was developed; more effective and efficient wastewater treatment methods were innovated, and the best management practices to control the non-point source pollution in the basin were developed.  More details of this project will be provided in this presentation.