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Water Research Centre
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia

Phone:+61 8 8313 3747
Facsimile:+61 8 8313 6222

Water Assets

The WaterSYSTEMS Research Group is the world leader in the development of a range of numerical techniques for inverse transient analysis as it applies to pipeline condition assessment, and was one of the first groups to validate the techniques through laboratory experimental work.

Over the last 15 years we have developed a number of new techniques using transients (or water hammer) for condition assessment of water distribution systems, including:

  • condition assessment of the interior of pipes (cement mortar lining spalling, corrosion)
  • the detection of closed valves, leaking valves and blockages
  • leakage detection, and
  • pipe roughness calibration in pipe networks.

New techniques include:

  • inverse transient technique
  • the transient damping method
  • frequency domain techniques
  • wave timing techniques, and
  • coded transients.

Our overall aim is to develop non-invasive, cost effective techniques for assessing the condition of pipes to enable water utilities to efficiently manage their assets. The research has been underpinned by fundamental investigation of water hammer modelling involving unsteady friction, column separation, alternative formulation schemes and unsteady minor losses.