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Our Research

The EU Centre for Global Affairs aims to be nationally and internationally recognised for our academic and research excellence, our innovative and creative outlook, and our engagement and collaborative approach with government, the private sector, academia and, in particular, our partner EU centres in the Australia-New Zealand network.

Research Projects

Corporate and Institutional Governance and Foreign Market Entry: A Comparative Study between the EU and Asia

This is a comparative study between the EU and Asia on the relationships between corporate governance, foreign market entry strategies in trade and FDI, destination country institutional environments and firm performance. Deliverables of this study include a survey on business environment and regulatory issues, a model and an open data base with analyses in corporate governance related to legal barriers for trade (imports and exports), regulations for setting up new companies, bankruptcy laws and existing corporate governance practices of companies based in the countries covered by the database (board compositions, ownership relationships, shareholder rights, as well as trends over time).

Benefits of Free Trade between the Australia, Asia and the European Union

To better understand the benefits of free trade, it is important to examine how bilateral agreements interact with regional mega agreements such as those under currently negotiation involving Australia, including the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This study will examine how potential free trade agreement between the EU and Australia could interact with these (and other) mega regional trade deals. It seeks to identify the opportunities the EU would have to leverage on these connections, as well as other Australian bilateral free trade deals, including the recently concluded China-Australia, Korea-Australia and Japan-Australia FTAs.

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