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Corporate and Institutional Governance Project

Corporate and Institutional Governance and Foreign Market Entry: A Comparative Study between Australia, the EU and Asia

As part of this project, we collect firm ownership structure and other firm characteristics for Business Groups around the world using proprietary data sources. Our comprehensive data provides essential information on different aspects of Business Groups around the world. This includes information on Business Group hierarchies and how organizationally complex they are, their size and performance. The data is presented in an interactive manner for easy comparison across countries and time. Our data can be used for business and academic research, investment analysis, economic and business planning, and other related activities.

  • People
    Adam Baird

    Professor Ralf Zurbruegg

    Ralf Zurbruegg is a Professor and Chair of Finance at the School of Accounting and Finance, Adelaide Business School. Ralf has research interests that span housing finance, computational methods in finance, insurance markets and general financial markets analysis. His research has been published in academic journals and he has been involved in numerous research grants over the years and manages several long-term competitively funded research projects. He has also held a number of administrative appointments within the university.

    Adam Baird

    Associate Professor Dirk Boehe

    Dirk Boehe is an Associate Professor in the field of International Business within the Adelaide Business School. His research interests include international diversification and divestment, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance in emerging markets. Dirk has many publications, awards and achievements in the fields. Dirk is a member of the Academy of Management – International Business and Research Methods Division and the Academy of International Business (AIB) / Latin American Chapter (AIB-LAT).

    Adam Baird

    Andy Hoàng-Long Phan

    Andy is a Senior Research Assistance at the EU Centre for Global Affairs at the University of Adelaide and is currently a PhD Candidate in Finance with Adelaide Business School. His research interests include market microstructure, corporate finance and corporate governance. He graduated with First Class Honors from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and also holds an MBA from Cornell University.

    Research Assistants

    Adam Baird

    Limin Fu

    Limin is a PhD candidate with the Adelaide Business School. Limin’s research interests are corporate social inconsistency, strategic CSR and management in global business. Her research papers on corporate social inconsistency have been accepted by regional and international business conferences.

    Adam Baird

    Lorenzo Livraghi

    Lorenzo Livraghi is an exchange student from the University of Trento, Italy. His research interests lie in the political economy of international trade and finance, with a focus on emerging economies.

    Adam Baird

    Mai Lan Thi Nguyen

    Mai Lan is a PhD student at the Adelaide Business School. Her research interests include financial analysts' forecast accuracy, corporate finance and financial modelling.

    Adam Baird

    Sha (Sasha) Lu

    Sasha is a PhD candidate at the Adelaide Business School. Her research interests primarily focus on asset pricing, behavioural finance, and corporate finance.

    Adam Baird

    Thuy Lien Nguyen

    Thuy Lien Nguyen received a Bachelor of Applied Finance and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) in 2012, and a Bachelor of Commerce with First Class Honours in 2013, all from the University of South Australia, Australia. She is a PhD student at the Adelaide Business School, the University of Adelaide. Her research interests include corporate finance, financial disclosure and managerial attitudes and performance.

    Adam Baird

    Yimeng Emon Chen

    Yimeng completed her Honours Degree with the University of Adelaide in 2012. Currently Yimeng is undertaking her PhD in the area of carbon trading schemes and stock market effects. Her research interests relate primarily to corporate social responsibility performance and reporting, corporate governance and capital markets.

    Adam Baird

    Zhengyi Zhao

    Zhengyi is a PhD candidate in International Business with the Adelaide Business School. His research interests include international business, international management and corporate finance.

  • Reseach

    Interactive Data

    Our comprehensive data provides essential information on different aspects of these Business Groups around the world, including ownership structure (relating to group hierarchies and complexity), their size and performance. The data is presented in an interactive manner for easy comparison across countries and time. Our data can be used for business and academic research, investment analysis, economic planning, and other related activities.

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    Research Reports

    These reports have been sponsored by this research project focusing on providing a comparative analysis of the business environments among EU, Australian and Asian countries. These reports compliment the interactive database.

    Report 1: Business Groups and FDI

    This report discusses foreign direct investment (FDI) in Indonesia and Malaysia from 2011 to 2015. It also investigates the extent of foreign ownership among business group affiliated firms and outlines the benefits and risks in partnering with such firms in Asia.

    Report 2: Global Trend in Carbon Management Strategy

    This report starts with background information on global warming trends and then highlights Europe’s leading role in managing the carbon impact via renewables. This is followed by a description of the current global trend of expanding renewables as a general carbon management strategy across developing economies, along with new emerging strategic responses through rapidly urbanising cities and energy-efficiency programs.

    Report 3: What Are the Differences in Corporate Governance and CSR Practices Across the EU, Australia and Asia?

    How do CSR practices compare across the EU, Australia and Asia? What are common practices and standards in different markets? How do firms benchmark their practices against other firms? What emphasis is placed on CSR within the target market for new entrants? This report provides a fact base for business leaders and policy makers in the EU, Australia and Asia so they can make more informed decisions in their strategic planning, foreign market entry and policy making surrounding CSR practices.

    Report 4: How Do Foreign Market Entry Modes Vary Across Asian Countries: Evidence from Japan and China.

    This report examines the entry mode choices of typical Japanese and Chinese firms in the automotive and car part, and computer and electronics manufacturing industries. It also investigates firm entry mode choices and how they differ between firms entering developed and developing markets. Insights into the direct investment activities of Asian countries provided by this report could therefore be valuable both theoretically and practically.

    Report 5: To What Extent Do Foreign Investors Partner with Government Controlled Companies in Vietnam?

    Vietnam has successfully attracted a large amount of foreign investment over the last decade. The attractiveness of Vietnam to foreign investors comes from the Government’s encouraging foreign investment policies, as well as from its geographical position near global supply chains, political and economic stability, and abundant labour supply. This report summarizes the situation surrounding foreign investment in Vietnamese government controlled companies during the period between 2009 and 2013, providing an assessment of the challenges that foreign investors may face in terms of their relationship with the Government.

    Report 6: Geographic Diversification by Australian, Asian and European MNEs

    The aim of this study is to identify and compare patterns of international geographic diversification followed by multinational enterprises (MNEs) from five different countries: Australia, Germany, Italy, China and Japan.

    Report 7: SOEs, Business Groups and Corporate Financial Performance

    A significant body of research on business groups has been done examining Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, China and India. However, other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia have not been investigated extensively. This report provides preliminary evidence on how government ownership and business group affiliation influence firm performance.

    Report 8: Are Returns of Family Firms with One Heir Less Volatile?

    This report provides insight into the impact of transparency in family leadership succession on firm value and stability in the context of family business groups in Korea and Japan over the five-year-period from 2011 to 2015. The research aims to examine whether uncertainty in leadership succession in family-controlled firms in Korea and Japan leads to greater firm stock volatility.

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    Professor Ralf Zurbruegg, Chair of Finance
    Phone: 08831 35535

    Associate Professor Dirk Boehe
    Phone: 08831 35750
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