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About the Fertiliser Technology Research Centre

The Fertiliser Technology Research Centre (FTRC) was established in 2007 via a partnership between The University of Adelaide and The Mosaic Company. The scope of the Centre was further expanded in 2009 via a partnership between The Mosaic Company and the Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). In 2015 a new five-year, $8.5 million partnership agreement was signed between the University of Adelaide and The Mosaic Company.

The Centre has expertise in soil chemistry, fertiliser technology and plant nutrition. Specifically, in conceiving, formulating and producing novel fertiliser formulations and using advanced isotopic and spectroscopic investigations to quantify fertiliser efficiency in laboratory and field scale agronomy trials.

Honours and PhD students interested in working in the area of fertiliser technology, soil chemistry and plant nutrition using advanced spectroscopic and isotopic techniques, such as synchrotron based techniques and stable isotope mass spectrometry, are encouraged to visit our Student Projects page and contact us.

Prof. Mike McLaughlin
FTRC Director

Fertiliser Technology Research Centre

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
- Soil Science


Waite Campus
Level 3, Prescott Building
SA 5005


T: +61 8 8313 6876