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Teaching Awards

The University of Adelaide Teaching Awards showcase the impact that teaching can have within the University, but also beyond into the broader community.

As staff we create this impact and the Festival of Learning & Teaching provided an opportunity to celebrate the innovative and sustained ways that we engage our students to learn.

The following awards were presented at the Festival:

  • Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Teaching Dr Natalie Williamson
    School of Chemistry and Physics - Faculty of Sciences

    Dr Natalie Williamson receives this Award for her outstanding commitment to improving the learning experiences of Chemistry students. Through a combination of humour, generosity and sound pedagogical practices, Dr Williamson successfully guides first year students through the daunting world of University chemistry studies. As the Level 1 Chemistry coordinator, Dr Williamson skillfully meets the challenge of managing and supporting large groups of students and teaching teams each semester. She has made significant contributions to curriculum development, including taking a pivotal role in the re-design of entry level chemistry courses. Dr Williamson is also an active researcher in higher education and her teaching achievements have been recognised via national and industry awards.

  • Award for Excellence for Higher Degree by Research SupervisionDr Philip Butterss
    School of Humanities - Faculty of Arts

    Dr Philip Butterss is the worthy winner of the Award for Excellence for Higher Degree by Research Supervision in 2014. Dr Butterss' supervisory achievements span more than fifteen years and include the completion of an impressive total of nineteen Higher Degree by Research students as principal or sole supervisor, and fifteen as co-supervisor. Dr Butterss' support, care and dedication toward his students has led to numerous publications including Empire Girls: The Colonial Heroine Comes of Age (Mandy Treagus) and Death Metal and Music Criticism: Analysis at the Limits (Michelle Phillipov). Many of Dr Butterss' students have gone on to become academics whilst others have developed productive careers outside of universities. Five of Dr Butterss' students have won the prestigious Max Fatchen Fellowship worth $15,000 and another won a $5,000 grant to attend a Working Class Studies conference in New York to present work from their thesis. In summary, Dr Philip Butterss' activities and achievements related to Higher Degree by Research Supervision are exceptional, and he is highly deserving of the 2014 award and grant.

  • Commendation for Excellence in Support of the Student ExperienceDr Claudia Szabo
    School of Computer Science - Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

    Dr Claudia Szabo receives this Commendation for her passionate approach to inspiring student learning in Computer Science. She strives to instil curiosity and determination in her students, encouraging them to be analytical, capable, experimental, and, above all, excited about their work. Drawing upon a variety of pedagogical approaches, Dr Szabo designs curriculum and assessment tasks that are challenging yet accessible, and relevant to industry needs. Although Dr Szabo is still in the early stages of her teaching career, her creative and dedicated teaching practices have already improved the student learning experiences of Computer Science students at the University.

  • Commendation for Excellence in Support of the Student ExperienceMr Paul Rothmore
    School of Population Health - Faculty of Health Sciences

    Mr Paul Rothmore receives this Commendation for his achievements in improving the e-learning experience of students in the Master of Occupational Health and Safety Program. Coming from an industry background, Mr Rothmore uses his professional experiences to engage with his students, most of whom are mature age in full-time employment, and to develop curriculum and learning materials that are relevant to their needs. In his relatively short time at the University, Mr Rothmore has become an expert user, developer and adviser on e-learning, inspiring and motivating his students and peers in the School of Population Health.

  • Office for Learning and Teaching Award for Teaching ExcellenceMs Sophie Karanicolas & Ms Catherine Snelling
    School of Dentistry - Faculty of Health Sciences

    For over ten years, Ms Sophie Karanicolas and Ms Catherine Snelling have worked together in the University of Adelaide's Dental School, forging a teaching partnership that is exceptional in its strength and effectiveness. Brought together in 2000 to develop and implement a curriculum for the new Bachelor of Oral Health, Sophie and Catherine continue to co-teach and coordinate in this successful program, using their varied backgrounds and teaching styles to offer an innovative and student-centred curriculum. Their cutting-edge use of e-learning tools, such as blogs, wikis, and online learning modules, has earned them a national and international reputation as educational leaders in their field. The quality of their teaching partnership has been recognised through a number of teaching awards, including the University of Adelaide's Excellence in Education Award (2009), Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Teaching (2010), the Vice-Chancellor and President's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2010), and an ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2010).

  • Office for Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student LearningDr David Butler and Mr Nicholas Crouch
    Maths Learning Centre, Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Academic)

    Dr David Butler and Mr Nicholas Crouch received their 2014 Office for Learning and Teaching Citation for enthusiastic and proactive approaches to the support of learning and teaching that make mathematics a positive experience for students, staff and the wider community. The Maths Learning Centre team have proactively sought out students, providing inspiration for learning maths, and created a variety of services and resources to help students develop the confidence and skills to learn maths independently. Through their thoughtfulness and enthusiasm, programs such as the Maths Drop-In Centre, video examples and seminars, and public art events have inspired thousands of students, staff and community members to engage positively in maths and its learning.

More Awards Information

Please visit the Teaching Awards and Grants website for further information.


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