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Presentations 2016

If you were unable to attend the Festival of Learning and Teaching 2015, here are some of the video presentations from the keynote presenters and speakers of the Festival.

  • Parallel Stream 1: Innovate
  • Parallel Stream 2: Co-Create
  • Parallel Stream 3: Connect

Monday 9 November: Festival of Learning and Teaching

Welcome & Opening

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Professor Philippa Levy, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning)

Interactive Keynote

Building Bridges: Forgin Powerful Connections between Teaching and Research by Professor Mick Healey, Higher Education Consultant and Researcher, University of Gloucestershire, UK

Q&A Panel

Building Bridges: Forging Powerful Connections between Teaching and Research, Q&A Panel

Vice-Chancellor's Address

Vice-Chancellor's Address by Professor Warren Bebbington, Vice-Chancellor and President

Afternoon Keynote

Building Bridges: Connecting Discipline Learning and Employability and Innovation by  Dr Shelley Kinash, Director of Learning and Teaching, Bond University

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks by Professor Philippa Levy, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning)

Stream 1: Innovate

Chad Habel

The Enquiring Mind: An SGDE Case Study in Innovation

Alexandra Potter

It’s What You Do With It that Counts: Using your Teaching Space to Support Collaborative and Discovery Learning

Melissa de Zwart

Student co-creation in Space: using video to extend student participation

Nickolas Falkner

Half-flip and MOOC Landing: Teaching “Introduction to Programming” From the Basis of the AdX “Think Create Code” MOOC

Rebecca Tooher

Using Experiential Learning and Reflection To Teach Practical Public Health To First Year Undergraduate Students

Simon Wells

Level of Engagement with Flipped Classroom Activities Predicts Outcomes for Laboratory Exercises

Stream 2: Co-Create

John Willison

Student-Tutor Development of Optimising Problem Solving Pentagon for a Large First Year SGDE

Joy McEntee

Why I am an Education Specialist

Melissa Nursey-Bray

‘Indigenising’ Geography Curricula or Decolonising Practice?: Lesson learned

Catherine Snelling

Improving Learning and Teaching Through Co-Creation

Nel Duffield

Digital Literacies at The University of Adelaide

Dimitra Lekkas

Colleagues Working and Learning Together: Dental Students and Staff Co-Creating Learning Activities and Outcomes

Stream 3: Connect

Edward Palmer

Student Perceptions of the History Lecture: Does this Delivery Mode have a Future in the Humanities?

Linda Westphalen

Connect: Integrated Professional ePortfolios, for Accreditation, Career-Readiness and Employability in 4th Year Teacher Education Programs

Ursula McGowan

Engaging with the Integrity of Academic Writing: Self-help Approach for Success

Melanie Spandrio

Connecting the Dots: Case Studies on Integrating Career Development Education in the Academic Curriculum

Matthew Dry

Undergraduate Attitudes to Indigenous Psychology Connecting Teaching and Research in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Andrew Farrer

Training and Inspiring University Students: Incorporating Science Communication into Research Groups


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