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Festival of Learning & Teaching 2017

The theme for 2017 was Digital Futures / Digital Capabilities: Design. Create. Transform

  • About Digital Futures / Digital Capabilities: Design. Create. Transform

    The future of higher education learning and teaching is digital, flexible and personalised - whether in blended or fully online modes. Digital technologies will continue to disrupt traditional educational models and practices, bringing exciting new opportunities for creativity and innovation for educators and universities seeking to provide higher education that is profoundly relevant, engaging and transformative. At the same time, higher education that is focused on student success must respond to current, predicted and unpredictable digital disruptions in wider work and society. This challenges us to find new ways of connecting academic discipline learning with opportunities for students to develop the digital capabilities that are becoming so fundamental to graduate employability across all sectors.

    This year’s Festival will celebrate and share new digital practices at Adelaide. We have many powerful examples of creative digital innovation in learning and teaching, and we are taking forward new initiatives shaping the way we engage as a University with the rapidly changing environment. Regardless of your previous experience - as digital novice or expert - there will be plenty to interest you in the program.

    There will be a special emphasis on very practical ideas, tips and tools, and on exploring digital tools that can be used to enhance learning experiences: for example, apps, multi-media strategies, polling, MOOCs, virtual reality. There also will be opportunities to hear about research and evaluation on student learning and the impact of pedagogical approaches, and to explore and debate a range of issues and challenges. Presentations will be welcome on any aspect of the broad theme of Digital Futures: Design. Create. Transform and may contribute to addressing questions such as:

    • What works? What kinds of blended and online learning activities and assessments are proving effective in different discipline areas?
    • How can we leverage new technology to enrich and deepen learning and teaching experiences?
    • What are the outcomes for students of innovations in the use of digital technologies, for example in SGDE, flipped learning?
    • What new opportunities does our new MyUni environment (Canvas and Echo360) offer students and staff? How it support active, collaborative and discovery-oriented approaches to learning?
    • How can learning analytics features accessed through MyUni help educators design effective learning activities and support students?
    • What digital capabilities do students need for academic success but also for future employability?
    • How can we most effectively develop students’ digital capabilities through the curriculum and in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities?
    • How can students and staff partner with each other to develop digital capabilities and create new approaches to technology-enhanced learning?
    • How can flexibility and personalisation be provided for students through the use of digital approaches, while also maintaining connection and community?
    • What are we learning from MOOC-making that can be used for our ‘mainstream’ learning and teaching?
  • Festival Experiences

    The Festival will bring together academic and professional services staff, and students, to present evidence, showcase innovations, debate issues, and share practical tips, about learning, teaching and assessment at the University of Adelaide. This event will connect you with new people and ideas - we expect it to be lively, thought-provoking and fun.

    The 2017 Festival will consist of a range of session types and experiences, including:

    • Presentations
    • PechaKuchas
    • Posters
    • Roundtable discussions
    • Keynotes
    • Byte-sized bazaar (learning café)
    • Digital scavenger hunt

    As part of this year’s Festival, we will be launching the University’s new Digital Capabilities Framework, which has been created to support development of our students’ digital capabilities as well as to support staff in their skills development. For more information please visit the website.

    We will also be helping to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Maths Learning Centre.

A summary of the happenings at the Festival of Learning and Teaching 2017! View an archive of the full 2017 program and see the Photo Gallery for some fun snaps from the day.


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Festival of Learning & Teaching