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Festival of Learning and Teaching 2018 presentations:

Opening and Closing Remarks:

Welcome and Opening Remarks - Professor Philippa Levy, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning)

Plenary Session - Professor Philippa Levy, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning) and Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Melbourne Medical School, The University of Melbourne

Closing Remarks - Professor Philippa Levy, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning)


Making the most of feedback design in the classroom and the workplace - Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Melbourne Medical School, The University of Melbourne


Note: A few of the presentations were affected by a recording error. For these presentations in particular, only the audio is on the video link. Therefore the slides for these presentations have been uploaded separately.

10 Lessons for feedback and assessment: Industry and Student Partnership - Melissa Connor (click here for Slides)

A Students as Partners approach to formative Assessment and Instant feedback using Digital Learning Communities - Amy Rees

Assessing Career Readiness Skills – The Case File approach in Criminal Law - Kellie Toole (click here for slides)

Circles through Square Holes: Assessment and Feedback in a Diverse University Community (A DITCOP Comic) - Laura Grenfell

Cultural dimensions of feedback at an Australian university: A study of international students with English as an additional language - Julia Miller

Echo360: assessment, feedback and metacognition in large classes - Joy McEntee

Encouraging students’ reflective practice in Economics writing using Online Rubrics and Peer-Review - Mark Dodd

Flexible and personalised assessment: lessons from students’ views and experiences - Thomas Wanner

From a student to a team, from a teacher to a mentor: blurring the boundaries - Graham Heinson

Let’s Chat! Guided Assessment, Feedback and Support Using Chatbots - Mario Ricci

Professional Practice - Peter Hochs (click here for slides)

Retention not overload: lessons learned on the journey to implement open-book exams in level II biochemistry - Beth Loveys

Student and Teacher Perspectives on Assessment and Feedback in Work-Integrated Learning: the Practice - Research Nexus - Cornelia Koch (click here for slides)

Student perception of assessment choice in plant science - Amanda Able

Students’ perception of the effectiveness of feedback is not correlated with their learning outcomes - David Saint

Technology-Enabled Assessment and Feedback in a Large First-Year Law Class: Student and Staff Perspectives - Matthew Stubbs


Can you meet me half-way: Assessment as a tool for concept development for international students - Catherine Nguyen-Hoang

Canvas ePortfolio - Andrew Cook

Data (Management) by Design - Fiona Mariner

Debates in Statistics - Andrew Metcalf

Don’t be Boring’: A simple task for assessing teamwork, creativity and communication in law - Anna Olijnyk

Education for Inclusion: Student-led conference - Linda Westphalen

Feedback for Adaptive Leadership in the Adelaide MBA - Chad Habel

From the virtual to the real: Assessment in VR - Isabella Flachsenberger Gower

MapleTA for Large Classes - Carl Howard

Pushing PowerPoint for Interactive Formative Assessment and Feedback - Kym Schutz

Rapid fire peer generated feedback - Bernadette Foley

Rear view vision: 15 years of large class assessment and feedback strategies - Karin Barrovich

Reflection: Turning experience into learning in the Adelaide Graduate Award - Sharon Scott

Say this... Because... And? - Hiromi Teramoto

Simple and effective approaches to improving exam-based assessments, and how to teach students to adopt empirically validated exam revision strategies - Matthew Dry

The National Exploration Undercover School: Learning from feedback not learning for assessment - Graham Heinson


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