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Financial Delegation & Approvals

A financial (expenditure) delegation is the authority to approve expenditure or enter into financial commitments on behalf of The University of Adelaide.  All delegations apply to positions and not to individuals in accordance to the Principles - Delegations of Authority.

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Financial Delegation
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Financial Delegates

Applications for approval or amendment of a financial delegation needs to be made on the Request for Authority Approval (click on Apply Now).

How to guides - approvers

The following how to guides will step you through the process of approving in the Finance System and Kofax.

Covering leave

Financial Delegates & Approvers in the Finance System (inc Kofax)

If you are in a position holding a financial delegation, you must make arrangements for another staff member to temporarily act on your behalf.  The following options are available:

Temporarily transfer financial delegation to another staff member This form is used to temporarily transfer both finance & HR delegations to another staff member.  It can also be raised on behalf of another employee within the same area - more information.  This will also update in Kofax. Temporary Delegation Transfer eForm
Assign approvals to another financial delegate This process will allow approvers with financial delegation to assign approvals to another approver with the same or higher level of financial delegation only.  This will also update in Kofax. Assign worklist items to another user

Assign worklist items to another staff member

This process will allow staff members to assign their worklist items to another staff member e.g. validators or eForm approvers.

Assign worklist items to another user

Travel & Acquittal Approvals in the Expense Management System

To initiate a temporary transfer of approvals for acquittals or travel, please send an email to the Expense Management Team specifying your requirements.

Advice and Assistance

Any queries including assistance with covering leave or questions about approving in the Finance System, please contact Finance & Procurement Services on 8313 3414 or via email