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Financial Delegations

A financial (expenditure) delegation is the authority to approve expenditure or enter into financial commitments on behalf of The University of Adelaide.

All delegations apply to positions and not to individuals. Delegations listed are unique to that position, however not all positions in the University are listed on the University's Delegation Authority Register and not all positions have unique delegations; for example, many positions are considered Branch Heads. In addition, Corporate Managers also exercise the delegations of the Branch Heads.

A review of delegation holders is completed annually to ensure that financial systems limits reconcile with the University's approved delegations.  The listings below are at a point in time and should be taken as a guide only.  For a complete list of delegations of authority, please refer to the University Delegation Authority Register.

Temporary Financial Delegations - effective 7th May 2020

In support of the cash management response to the impacts of COVID-19, the Vice-Chancellor has approved new reduced financial delegations, effective from 7 May 2020 until withdrawn.  The financial delegations relate to the approval of purchase orders, expenditure payments and contractual agreements. For research contractual agreements, the financial delegations only relate to agreements where the University is required to contribute discretionary funding during 2020. For all other research contractual agreements, the existing financial delegations remain. These temporary financial delegations will override any existing financial delegations that exist within University policies.

Office of the Vice-Chancellor & President Temporary delegations
Division of Academic & Student Engagement Temporary delegations
Division of Research & Innovation Temporary delegations
Division of University Operations Temporary delegations
Faculty of Sciences Temporary delegations
Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences Temporary delegations
Faculty of The Professions Temporary delegations
Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences Temporary delegations
Faculty of Arts Temporary delegations

Covering leave - Financial Delegation

If you are in a position holding a financial delegation, you must make arrangements to cover your approvals whilst on leave.  Refer to the Financial Delegations & Approvals webpage for instructions on how to do this.