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Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of the most common questions we get asked.

If you have a question not covered here, contact Finance on x33414 or

All supplier invoices are paid by the Accounts Payable Team and should be sent directly to

The invoice must be an attachment (any wording in the body of the email will not be captured) and contain a Purchase Order number or a University contact name.  For further information on how invoices are processed click here.

  • To make an urgent payment, view the how to guide here
  • To view the Supplier & Payment Procedures click here

Note: the University will only make payment for invoices which meet Australian Taxation Office requirements.  All invoices for international goods or services must be compliant with the laws of the country in which the invoice was produced.

The University creates a bill for collecting money for the sale of goods & services.  The Revenue Accounting Team raise all bills on behalf of the University.

To request a bill to be raised, submit a Billing Request eForm and provide supporting documentation.

The University has established contracts and preferred pricing agreements with a number of suppliers across a range of goods and services.  To determine which process you need to use, view the interactive decision tool and / or go to the How to Purchase webpage.

The University’s method of ordering goods or services is by raising a Requisition through eProcurement.  You can order from supplier catalogues or raise a special request.

  • For eProcurement online resources, including how to request access click here

If you hold a corporate credit card, and the value of the purchase is less than $5,000 or it's an entertainment expense, you can use your card, noting that where a preferred supplier exists, you need to use eProcurement.

  • For information on the University’s corporate credit card program and how to apply click here

If the value of the purchase (goods or service) is over $20,000, engage with the relevant Category Manager who can advise you on the tender process.

If you are a corporate credit card holder, you claim your reimbursement through the Expense Management System (Fraedom) as an expense claim.

For all other staff and students, complete a Reimbursement Form and provide supporting documentation.

  • To view the Reimbursement Procedures click here
  • To claim a reimbursement view the guide here

Note: reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of the University by people who are not staff or students (e.g. visitors): such costs may only be reimbursed by way of an invoice to the University or use of the Other Payment Form and are subject to approval.  Refer to the guide here.

FCM Travel Solutions is the University's travel management company.  Approval to travel must be obtained prior to making any travel plans as per below.

  • Domestic travel - travellers must notify their Line Managers of their travel plans, unless the Line Manager expressly withholds approval, domestic travel can be booked through the Travel Hub.
  • International travel - approval is required by way of a travel requisition completed in the expense management system, Fraedom.  Requisitions are workflowed to your Head of School / Branch Head. 
  • International travel to high risk destinations - further approval is required for travel to high risk destinations

If you travel or intend to travel frequently on University business, you should apply for a University corporate credit card.