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eLockbox is a payment service which improves the identification of electronic payments received from customers paying in Australian Dollars to the The University of Adelaide AUD bank account.

It provides an efficient reconciliation of payments to the University's bank account by creating a virtual account number unique to each customer, enabling the system to automatically match and receipt payments.

Information for customers

The implementation of eLockbox means that the University's banking details have been updated.  If you currently pay The University of Adelaide by electronic funds transfer (EFT), you will need to update the following details:

  • The University of Adelaide BSB: 066-771
  • Your unique 9 digit account number on the invoice*

*If you haven't been issued with an invoice, you should speak to your University contact regarding your unique Customer Account number.


If you, or your company require validation before updating your records, please contact Revenue Accounting for provision of the confirmation letter from our banking institution.

Information for internal stakeholders

The Customer ID number (in the Finance System) will become your customer's virtual bank account number and they will use this number together with the new BSB: 066-771 to make any payments to The University of Adelaide.

When you raise a bill for your customer (through the Billing eForm), the customer's virtual bank account number will be on the bill.

If you have an arrangement with your customer outside of the standard Billing process (noting this is by exception only), you will need to provide them with their virtual bank account number and the new BSB: 066-771 (refer to guide below).

Internal Resources