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2017 Year End Closure & Processing Dates

Please be advised of the following key Finance & Procurement processing dates:

For any questions regarding year end processing dates, please contact Finance & Procurement Services.

Final date for invoices and reimbursements to be submitted to AP for payment in 2017 8th December 2017
Principal pre-Christmas payment run for 2017 (Domestic & International payments) 14th December 2017
2017 Billings Invoice Requests to Revenue Accounting via the Billing Request eForm 19th December 2017
Last day for external deliveries to University Supplies & Receiving 20th December 2017
Last day to access Chemical Facility Store 21st December 2017
Final payment run for 2017 - urgent payments only 21st December 2017
First payment run for 2018 4th January 2018
2018 Billings Invoice requests commence 8th January 2018
Final day to forward 2017 journals to Research & Management Accounting 24th January 2018
2017 General Ledger close; all journals to be entered in PeopleSoft Finance 25th January 2018

2017 Financial Reporting & Business Planning Timetable

The 2017 Financial Reporting & Business Planning Timetable highlights the completion dates for Monthly KPI Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting throughout 2017.

When preparing the 2017 timetable, the Monthly KPI Reporting timeframes have been determined in line with the working day concept introduced during 2016 as follows:

Day               Key Task                                                   High Level Outline of Task                                                                                             
Working Day 3 All month end journals to be forwarded to Research & Management Accounting by 5pm. All journals relating to the month end GL close must be either forwarded to or processed & submitted into PeopleSoft by 5pm to ensure accuracy of the GL.
Working Day 5 Month end GL close. The PeopleSoft GL will be closed at 5pm.
Working Day 7 Draft Monthly KPI Reports and commentary distribution

The Research & Management Accounting Team will distribute each Faculties/Divisions Monthly KPI Report and draft commentary (Excess Leave and actual v budget FTE Statistics will also be distributed on a quarterly basis) to the Faculty Finance & Planning Manager/ Divisional Management Accountant by 5pm.

The commentary template forwarded will include material variances identified on the Monthly KPI Report and completed commentary where this has been able to be identified.

Working Day 8-11 Monthly KPI Reports - Faculties/Divisions to complete commentary for material variances identified (commentary for Excess Leave and actual v budget FTE will also be required on a Quarterly basis). Faculty Finance & Planning Managers and Divisional Management Accountants will review the draft commentary prepared by the Research & Management Accounting and provide additional commentary outlining the reasons for identified material variances which require further explanation. In addition, Excess Leave and actual v budget FTE commentary will be required to be completed on a Quarterly basis.
Working Day 11 Final Monthly KPI Reports

Completed Monthly KPI reports to be forwarded by Faculties/Divisions to Research & Management Accounting by 5pm.

The reporting pack forwarded should include the Monthly KPI Report and the completed commentary (Excess Leave and actual v budget FTE commentary to also be returned on a Quarterly basis) in the University standard format.

Working Day 13 Research & Management Accounting team review of final Monthly KPI Reports complete Research & Management Accounting forward final Monthly KPI reports to Finance Strategy, Analysis & Reporting team
Working Day 21 Submission of Monthly KPI Report to PBC

The commentary will be reviewed by the Research & Management Accounting and Finance Strategy, Analysis & Reporting teams prior to finalisation for PBC.

As part of this review process, Faculty Finance & Planning Managers/ Divisional Management Accountants may be contacted for additional information to finalise the reports.