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Allowances - Use of Private Motor Vehicles

Staff who use their own private motor vehicle for University business, may be eligible to claim a motor vehicle allowance to compensate for that usage.

Students (and non-staff) may also be eligible to claim a motor vehicle allowance providing the travel is pre-approved.

The University encourages all staff/students to use University vehicles when travelling for the purposes of University business. This allowance is the only form of payment approved by the University to compensate for the use of their private motor vehicle.  Reimbursement of direct petrol costs, or other direct costs, is not permitted.

When can a private motor vehicle be used?

In accordance to the Motor Vehicle Procedures, a private motor vehicle should only be used when:

  • a University vehicle is not available
  • the travel cannot be postponed
  • public transport, vehicle hire or taxi, is not a reasonable alternative
  • prior approval has been obtained (from Head of School/Branch Head or appropriate delegate)
  • the car is roadworthy and registered for insurance
  • the person member is willing to use their own car. 

Making a claim - staff

  1. Complete the Travel Log, save to drive and log in to SSO
  2. Refer to "How to Submit an Ad-hoc Payment or Deduction"

HR processing timelines apply to this payment.  Questions relating to the processing of these allowances, can be directed to the HR Service Centre.

Note - allowance payments to staff will be coded with the accounting string to which the employee's salary is coded.  If the allowance is to be costed to another code a journal may be completed to reallocate the expenditure.

Making a claim - students / non-staff

  1. Complete the Allowance for Use of Private Motor Vehicle for University Business form - Non Staff within one month of the travel
  2. The form must be signed your Line Manager
  3. Submit the form to Finance & Procurement Services
  4. Retain a copy for personal records if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between an allowance and a reimbursement?

    Allowances are amounts paid to cover costs or as compensation for conditions of employment. Allowances are assessable income to the employee and are generally included as income in their tax return. The employee may be entitled to claim a deduction.

    Reimbursements made to employees are exact compensation for actual expenses incurred, and the employer may be subject to fringe benefits tax (FBT).

  • Will this impact me at tax time?

    As a staff member, full details of the allowance, and any tax withheld, will be included in your payment summary at financial year end.

    Once the kilometers claimed exceed 5000 in a financial year, the University will withhold PAYG taxation.

    Students are not impacted.

  • Where can I go for advice?

    The ATO Website provides information on how to claim a deduction.

    Income and deductions - Vehicle & Travel Expenses

    Staff should also seek their own personal tax advice.