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I want to buy something - where do I start?

The procurement of goods and services must be through a Purchase Order (via a Requisition in eProcurement) unless an exception has been approved, or on a University Corporate Credit Card, where applicable.

Procure to pay cycle

Why are Purchase Orders so important?

Purchase Orders are shown as a financial commitment in the University's finance system which means budget owners can control their spend, and the University can manage its overall expenditure and cashflow.

   Purchase Order    Invoice with no Purchase Order
  • Created by the buyer
  • Confirms an order and defines terms
  • Pre-approved by a financial delegate
  • Generated before purchase
  • Is a financial commitment
  • Created by the seller
  • Requests payment for order already provided
  • No pre-approval by a financial delegate
  • Generated after purchase
  • Is a financial liability

PO Exceptions - there are some specific exceptions to the requirement to raise a Purchase Orders e.g. where a supplier provides a consolidated invoice (e.g. couriers & freight, Australia Post, lease payments, or government charges) refer to the PO Exception List for categories.

Contractor Management - prior to engaging a contractor or consultant, refer to the Contractor Management page to determine if it’s appropriate to engage them as a contractor.

Purchasing Process

Requisition supporting documentation

If you are ordering from a University preferred supplier (via an online catalogue or from pricing lists on our Preferred Supplier website) you are not required to provide supporting documentation on a Requisition, as all pricing has been negotiated through contracts by the Strategic Procurement team.  For all other orders you must provide supporting documentation to support the value of the Requisition - click here to view the requirements.  If the appropriate supporting documentation is not attached, it will be be pushed back.


Is there a Preferred Supplier for the category of goods or service I want to order?

NO - next step

  • Source goods or services via online / web catalogues in ePro and raise a Requisition - don't have access to ePro? CLICK HERE
  • You can view a complete list of Preferred Suppliers and how to order on our website
  • A corporate credit card must not be used for Preferred Suppliers
  • For purchases over $200,000 engage with the relevant Category Manager

If you can't find the specific product you are looking for, contact the relevant supplier to see if this product can be ordered - view contact details

If you have a legitimate reason for not purchasing from a Preferred Supplier, you must submit an Exemption Form

Are the goods or services expected to cost less than $5,000?

NO - next step

  • Obtain a written quote
  • Raise a Special Requisition - Goods / Services in ePro OR;
  • A University corporate credit card may be used - don't have a corporate credit card? CLICK HERE
Non-capital assets (between$4,000-$10,000) and Software licenses must not be purchased on a corporate credit card

Are the goods or services expected to cost between $5,000 to $20,000?

NO - next step

YES A Requisition can be raised for any pre-planned entertainment expense e.g. venue hire, over the limit of your corporate credit card
Are the goods or services expected to cost over $20,000? YES A Consultancy Services Agreement is required when engaging a consultant or contractor, regardless of cost
  • The figures represent total purchase value over the whole life of the contract or commitment at the time the commitment is made
  • The value figures are in AUD and exclude GST
  • Splitting a purchase to avoid an expenditure threshold is not permitted
  • A tender process must also be followed for extensions to contacts of $200,000 or more, if the initial contractual term did not include provision of the extension
  • A University contract may be required at any spend level depending on the nature of the goods and/or services. Contact Strategic Procurement for further advice.



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