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Category Managers

The University’s Category Managers are responsible for all aspects of strategic procurement within their categories.

Led my Marshall Harris, the Category Managers assist staff and students with procurement of goods and services,  maintain strategic relationships with suppliers and ensure the University gets the best value for money in all procurement activities.

Marshall Harris - Manager, Strategic Procurement

Phone: (08) 8313 6374

Marshall is responsible for planning procurement initiatives and leading the team to identify areas of opportunity with both existing and new suppliers through buyer behavioural improvements or process improvements and delivering project plans for all new supplier agreements to the University.

Frances Doyle – Indirect

Phone: (08) 8313 9851

Frances’ remit includes travel and entertainment, stationery and office products, furniture and small appliances, motor vehicles, consultants and external service providers, financial and insurance services, and books, journals, and other teaching materials. She is responsible for the management of key contracts across the whole University.

Stationery & kitchen supplies | Business Cards | Milk | Travel | Motor Vehicles

Magda Hebert – Facilities & Utilities

Phone: (08) 8313 2468

Magda is responsible for procurement of all services required to maintain the University’s facilities. This includes electricity and other utilities, building construction and maintenance, gardens and grounds maintenance, and cleaning, security, plumbing and electrical services. Magda works closely with the Infrastructure branch and Campus Services to ensure that the University gets value for money in the procurement of these goods and services and that a high standard is maintained by service providers working on the University’s campuses.

Facilities Management | Utilities

Tom Cummings - IT  Equipment & Services

Phone: (08) 8313 9183

Tom is responsible for procurement of all computer hardware and software, multifunction devices and printers, telecommunications and internet services, and IT infrastructure. Working in partnership with Technology Services, he ensures University gets value for money in all IT procurement activities and benefits from strategic relationships with suppliers.

IT Products & Services - Software | Hardware | Telecommunications | Printers

Bans Modi - Research & Major Equipment

Phone: (08) 8313 9808

Bans is responsible for major research equipment and laboratory instruments. This category also includes chemicals and gases, laboratory consumables, agricultural and veterinary supplies as well as scientific and analytical services.

Lab & Chemical | Industrial & Medical Gas | General Consumables | Ultra Cold Freezers


Finance & Procurement Services


T: +61 8 8313 3414
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