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Corporate Credit Cards

The use of University corporate credit cards for general purchases and travel & entertainment expenses improves the efficiency of purchasing transactions.  Staff who travel, entertain, organise events or make smaller general purchases* on a regular basis should have a corporate credit card.

*general purchases less than $5,000 and online purchases less than $20,000 (dependent on cardholders limit) are permitted on the University Corporate Credit Card.

To support the University's corporate credit card program, the University utilises an Expense Management System (EMS) for the acquittal of credit card transactions, expense reimbursements and international travel approval.

Cardholders must adhere to the Credit Card Procedures which outline appropriate and inappropriate uses of the card, acquittal timelines and penalties for non-compliance.

Interactive Decision Tool

To determine which process you need to use, help resources on how to go about it, and support contacts, view the interactive decision tool in Canvass.  You only have to enrol once and can complete as many times as you need; click on the button below.

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Application & Training

How to Apply See the step-by-step process needed to apply for a corporate credit card.

How to Apply

Training Resources We have training resources available to help you.

Training Resources


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