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Corporate Credit Card - Online Resources

This page provides you with online training resources for management of your University Corporate Credit Card.

Systems & Access

Fraedom is the University's Expense Management System (EMS) used for the acquittal of credit card transactions, expense reimbursements and international travel approvals.

SAVI is the University's Online Travel Booking System (hosted by FCM Travel Solutions). In addition to domestic bookings, SAVI allows users to book multi leg, multi passenger bookings, selected international flights, plus hotel and car hire.  Access to SAVI is through the Travel Hub.

If you access these systems on the University network, you don't have to sign in again, otherwise enter your normal username and password.

Expense Management
Travel HUB
inc. access to SAVI

Training Resources

Once you've applied for a corporate credit card, or intend to be a nominee, you are strongly encouraged to utilise the Fraedom training resources available to you.  For SAVI training resources, please visit the Travel page.

Fraedom user guide

learn how to acquit expenses through Fraedom

How to find your unique email address

to facilitate image upload

Receipts auto-linking with OCR                       (video below)

explains auto-linking of images to transactions

Fraedom expense app

for receipt capture, coding and approvals

Acquittal approvers

high level overview of the role and what to check for

Smart scanning electronically ‘reads’ your uploaded receipt images and arranges them in order of "potential match" to speed up the acquittal process. If the image is found to be a good enough match, the receipt will be automatically linked to the transaction.  Watch the short video to see how.

Screen shot of the Smart Scanning video


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