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Events, Catering & Entertainment

The preferred method of payment for events, catering & entertainment expenses occurred on the University's behalf is the Corporate Credit Card.

Events, catering & entertainment expenses fall under the Travel & Entertainment Policy and can include;

  • catering for a workshop
  • social functions (e.g. Christmas parties)
  • venue / equipment hire
  • graduations / conferences

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

For all events, a list of attendees noting their relationship to the University (either staff or non-staff) must be attached to each transaction connected with the event, catering or entertainment.

Staff Events at the National Wine Centre (NWC)

Whilst there's no mandated off campus venue for University events, it is highly recommended that the NWC on North Terrace be considered.

Staff functions and events conducted by the University at the NWC will not attract FBT for the staff attending.  This FBT-free status is only applicable for functions or events paid using a Corporate Credit Card or tax invoice to Accounts Payable.  View the fact sheet which explains the financial benefits and potential savings.

University Events & Catering

  • For events held on campus (either indoors or outdoors) visit Infrastructure on Campus for the online booking of facilities, catering choices, audio visual, display banners and liquor licence applications.
  • Read the Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) FAQ's on Events Safety Management
  • For catering options on North Terrace, Waite and Roseworthy Campuses visit Campus Catering
  • For University event management and promotion, visit Marketing & Communication.

Need Assistance?

For specific tax questions, please contact the Tax Helpdesk.  If you require assistance with acquitting transactions, please contact the Expense Management Team via email or phone x33330.


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