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Catering, Events & Entertainment

The University's preferred method of payment for catering,  events & entertainment is the corporate credit card.

Staff with a corporate credit card are expected to use their card to pay for all catering and entertainment services. In the event the expenditure exceeds the credit limit or you don't hold a corporate credit card, a Requisition must be raised in eProcurement prior to the event / entertainment taking place (the Entertainment Expenditure form must be attached - see below).

The Non-Allowable Expenses Procedures provides practical examples of expenses that are considered non-allowable (or personal in nature), exceptions to these categories which are allowable, and reasonable expenditure thresholds for gifts and entertainment.

Entertainment Expenditure Form - Excel / Interactive PDF.

Catering Services

Catering services includes providing food, drinks, venue/equipment hire and wait staff whilst entertaining employees and their associates.

Entertainment & Events

Entertainment related fringe benefit tax (FBT) may arise from providing employees and associates with the following entertainment;

  • entertainment by way of food, drink or recreation
  • providing accommodation and/or travel including taxi’s in connection with such entertainment, or
  • paying or reimbursing expenses incurred in obtaining something covered by the above points.

Entertainment and event examples:

  • staff social functions (e.g. Christmas functions, anniversary dinners, celebrations of achievements)
  • business lunches with clients/associates
  • recreational activities/ days

If providing these events for employees and associates you will need to determine whether the event/ entertainment will require you to pay fringe benefits tax (FBT).

For a breakdown of possible Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) on meal & entertainment expenses, view the Meal and Entertainment Tax Guide matrix. This also provides the correct general ledger account codes.

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) information

  • What is FBT?

    A fringe benefit is a benefit provided to an employee (or their associate). Benefits can also be provided by a third party under an arrangement with the employer. An employee can be a current, future or former employee.

  • When is FBT not payable?
    FBT is not payable for -
    • Clients or students consuming food and drink
    • Employees consuming food and drinks whilst travelling or attending local seminars, workshops, conferences or similar events.
    •  Providing employees and associates with food and drink in the way of refreshments during a working day or for work related purposes e.g. finger food in lunch time meetings

    In order to determine if FBT is payable on any type of catering, event or entertainment expenditure, and to calculate the taxable value of the benefit if applicable, a list of attendees noting their relationship to the University (e.g. staff or non-staff) must be provided.

    • If paying on the Corporate Credit Card, acquit the transaction using the entertainment spend wizard and attach a list of the attendees (number of non-staff vs staff).
    • When raising a Requisition in eProcurement, complete and attach the Entertainment Expenditure Form.
      • If the breakdown of employees vs non employees is not known then the requisition must be all charged to 2786 and amended after the event/ entertainment.
    • If payment is through Accounts Payable, an entertainment form must be completed and submitted with the invoice.

Using the National Wine Centre

Whilst there's no mandated preferred supplier for venue hire, it's highly recommended that the National Wine Centre (NWC) on North Terrace be considered as a venue for University events.

Staff functions and events conducted by the University at the NWC will not attract FBT for the staff attending.  This FBT-free status is only applicable for functions or events invoiced by the NWC (does not apply to other suppliers even if the event is held at the NWC) and paid using a corporate credit card or tax invoice to Accounts Payable (via a Requisition in ePro).  View the fact sheet which explains the financial benefits and potential savings.

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