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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eProcurement (ePro)?

    eProcurement is an online ordering system for purchasing goods and services that operates much like any online store.  You can order goods and services from the University's preferred Suppliers through the internal or online catalogues that are available within eProcurement or you can place a special request from your usual Supplier.

  • How does eProcurement work?

    Within the eProcurement system, you raise a Requisition to select your goods or services.  Once approved, this is then turned into a Purchase Order and sent to the supplier.  You can specify project codes, delivery details, contact information and check the status or your order at any time.

  • What's the role of a Requestor?

    Once you have been granted access to eProcurement as a Requestor, you can raise Requisitions for goods and services.  Once a Requisition is raised and submitted, it is reviewed by the centralised Purchasing Team and becomes a Purchase Order; a formal commitment from the University to pay for the goods or services requested.

    A number of considerations must be taken into account when deciding to purchase something; refer to the Procurement Procedures.

    The value of the purchase determines the process you follow; refer to the Procurement Procedures for guidance on preferred suppliers and tendering.  For purchases between $20,000  - $200,000 the relevant Category Manager can provide advice and assist you with tendering.

    The receipting process is an important step as payment is made based on the receipting of goods and services in the system.
  • How do I access eProcurement and what training is available?

    You can access eProcurement through the University's Finance System either from the F&P homepage or follow the steps on the Online Resources webpage

    There are a variety of training options available to you -

    One-on-one training - the Service Support Officers can provide one-on-one training at your desk or small group training in your local area.  Please contact them on to arrange a time.

    Self-guided training - view the quick reference guides on the Online resources webpage.

  • What is EDX and how does this work?

    EDX (or EDI) stands for Electronic Data Interchange and is the virtual exchange of data or business documents in electronic format between trading partners.  It eliminates paper trails and creates operational efficiencies between the University and its suppliers.

    Once a Purchase Order has been sent to the supplier and the goods dispatched, instead of receiving a PDF invoice, the University receives the invoice information in an CXML format.  The advantage being that the voucher is created in PeopleSoft Finance without an AP Officer having to manually input the data.

    Once the goods have been received and receipted by the user, the invoice is automatically paid.  Goods should be receipted based on the delivery docket or actual quantity of physical goods received.

    Suppliers currently using EDX are Sigma Aldrich, Life Tech, Qiagen and Chem-Supply so invoices for these suppliers are not available to view as an attachment in the Finance System.  In the event you require a copy of an invoice you will need to request this directly from the supplier. 

    Life Technologies  ph: 1800 636 327   

    Qiagen                    ph: 1800 243 800   

    Sigma Aldrich        ph: 1800 800 097   

    Chem-Supply         ph: 08 8440 2000   

  • The Supplier only accepts online orders - how do I do this?
    Please raise a Special Request Requisition eProcurement Creating Requisitions and use the comments box to provide further information.  The Requisition will be reviewed by the Purchasing Team and they may use a corporate credit card to place the order.

  • My goods have not been delivered - how do I check the status of my order?

    The first step is to check the progress of your Requisition eProcurement View Status of Requisitions. This will indicate the stage that your order is at.  If you can’t see the status of your order or if you would like further information please contact or telephone (08) 8313 3414.

  • I've made a mistake in my Requisition, how can I change it?

    A Requisition can only be edited if it has not yet been converted to a Purchase Order. Once a Requisition has progressed to a Purchase Order, the order has been created and may have been placed with a Supplier. In this case please contact or telephone (08) 8313 3414.

    To cancel a Requisition please see eProcurement Edit or Cancel Requisitions

  • How do I check the project code on my Requisition?
    You can check and change the project code for each Requisition that you raise. Please see eProcurement Allocating or Splitting Project Codes.

  • How do I record the shipping costs for my items?

    All shipping costs will be determined by the Purchasing Team when the order is placed.  Use the comments area of the Requisition to indicate shipping costs if relevant. If you have been provided with a shipping quote, please attach it to the Requisition.

  • Can I use eProcurement to obtain a quote from Suppliers?

    If the value of your item is less than $20k you can contact the Supplier directly for a quote via email.  If the value of your item is more than $20k, please contact a Category Manager.

    Alternatively, you can create a Requisition using the Special Request form eProcurement Creating Requisitions. You can  select “Save and Submit later” and print a copy of the Requisition eProcurement Print Requisitions Send a copy of the printed requisition to your Supplier asking for a quote. Once the quote is received from the Supplier, edit your Requisition eProcurement Edit or Cancel Requisitions and attach the quote within your Requisition eProcurement Attaching Documents. Update the price within your Requisition, and then “Save and Submit” the Requisition.

  • How do I exit an online catalogue without losing items already in my Requisition?

    Please ensure you add an item (any item) to your Requisition before navigating away from the Catalogue that you are currently viewing – you can delete the item on the Review and Submit page.

  • I need to order a capital item over $10k?

    Please create a Requisition in ePro – raise a Special Request Requisition eProcurement Creating Requisitions for the item with supporting approvals and quotes attached eProcurement Attaching Documents.

    The Financial Management Policy and related procedures apply to the acquisition of assets. Further information is available from Procurement Procedures.

  • Should I raise my Special Item/Special Request Requisition including or excluding GST?

    Your Requisition should be raised excluding GST.  If the price excluding GST is not visible on your quote please calculate the price excluding GST.  If you need help with this, please contact our support team on (08) 8313 3414 or

  • I've been told to "receipt" or "receive" my Requisition - what does this mean?

    The terms "receiving" and "receipting" are often used interchangeably.

    Receiving is when the person accepts delivery of the goods or service(s).

    Receipting is the process completed within eProcurement that informs Accounts Payable that the invoice can be paid as the goods/service(s) are "received as expected".

    To receipt individual items please refer to Receiving (receipting) goods and services.

    To receipt by amount (i.e. for Amount Only requisitions) please refer to Step 3 of Creating an amount only requisition and ensure that you receipt excluding GST.

    If you need help with this, please contact our support team on (08) 831 33414 or email

  • I've received an invoice, what do I need to do on eProcurement?

    If you've already received an invoice, you still need to you raise a Requisition (Purchase Order) in eProcurement retrospectively.

    For future orders, please use eProcurement to place your order (before the invoice is generated).

  • I need to request a new delivery location?

    Delivery locations or "ship to" location is the physical delivery point for your order and each Requestor has a default delivery location set up in their profile in eProcurement.

    If you've moved to a different area, you may need to change this - asking other people in the building is probably the best idea.  If you've moved to a new building and want to request a new location to be created, please email the Purchasing Team with the following information - address including postcode, building name, floor and room number along with any special instructions e.g. gate number.




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