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Request access to eProcurement using the Finance System Access Request Form. View the quick reference guide "Requestor Access" for more information on how to do this.

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Log in to eProcurement (once you have been granted access) using your normal user ID and password and click on the eProcurement tile.

New Features in eProcurement - effective Monday 3rd May 2021

Requisition - Special Request - Goods For suppliers without an online catalogue, goods are to be ordered through a Special Request. Orders are to be itemised and ordered by quantity. 
Requisition - Special Request - Services Amount Only Amount only orders allow Requesters to raise an order based on value not quantity. These orders are generally raised for service & consultancy orders and reviewed as part of the contractor management process.
Requisition - Online Catalogues Online catalogue Requisitions from University Preferred Suppliers under $4000 will automatically be created into a Purchase Order. This improves efficiency as the order goes straight through to the supplier.
Requisition - Splitting a cost across multiple projects Improved screen layout displaying the project code on the Checkout – Review and Submit screen allows for splitting across multiple project codes.
Changing Dept ID, Project, Ship To and Supplier Improved screen layout displaying the Supplier and Accounting Lines on the Checkout – Review and Submit screen and also on the approval screen, reducing the need for correction journals later.
Attaching documents The comments and attachments section is now only located on the Checkout - Review & Submit screen. The attachments option no longer appears at line level.  
Requisition Approval Process The approval step is now completed at the Requisition stage from the approval tile or worklist. A Purchase Order is created once a Requisition is fully approved.
Requisition - Pushback The pushback function allows the Purchasing Team or the Approver to push back Requisitions in eProcurement to obtain further information.
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