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Accounts Payable Automation

The University uses a tool called Kofax, which enables the University to automate the processing of supplier invoices and facilitate online Reimbursement and Other Payments requests.

How does it work?

Reimbursements & Other Payments
  • Reimbursement and Other Payment forms are submitted online through Kofax (corporate credit card holders must submit reimbursements through Fraedom)
  • Forms can be accessed directly from Kofax (click on the gold Kofax button on the Finance homepage) or under Forms > Accounts Payable
  • Forms will be workflowed to an Approver through Kofax replacing the signature on the previous paper form
  • Compliance checks are completed by Procurement Services prior to being authorised.
  • The status and payment date of requests can be tracked in the system.
Automating supplier invoices

Kofax workflows supplier invoices that don't have a Purchase Order (PO), or where there is a variance between the PO and the invoice.  It does not replace the University's Finance System.

  • Invoices must be sent to
  • Kofax automatically reads and captures information from the invoice
  • Any coding or wording in the body of the email will not be captured 
  • Invoices relating to a PO will be matched in Kofax, fully matched invoices will be scheduled for payment in the Finance System  
  • Invoices with no PO, or where there is a PO variance, will be workflowed in Kofax to a Business Reviewer to be reviewed and coded
  • Once coded, it will be workflowed to a financial Approver
  • Once approved, it will be scheduled for payment in the Finance System.

Training Resources

Refer to Online Resources and FAQs.


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