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Accounts Payable Automation

On Monday 29th April 2019, the University will go live with Kofax, a tool which enables the University to automate the processing of supplier invoices and facilitate online Reimbursement and Other Payments requests.

How does it work?

Reimbursements & Other Payments
  • Reimbursement and Other Payment forms will be online through Kofax
  • Forms can be accessed directly from Kofax (there will be a button on the Finance homepage) or under Forms > Accounts Payable
  • Forms will be workflowed to an Approver through Kofax replacing the signature on the old paper form
  • Compliance checks will be completed by Procurement Services prior to being authorised.
  • The status and payment date of requests can be tracked in the system.
Automating supplier invoices

Kofax workflows supplier invoices that don't have a Purchase Order (PO), or where there is a variance between the PO and the invoice.  It does not replace the University's Finance System.

  • Invoices must be sent to
  • Kofax automatically reads and captures information from the invoice
  • Any coding or wording in the body of the email will not be captured 
  • Invoices relating to a PO will be matched in Kofax, fully matched invoices will be scheduled for payment in the Finance System  
  • Invoices with no PO, or where there is a PO variance, will be workflowed in Kofax to a Business Reviewer to be reviewed and coded
  • Once coded, it will be workflowed to a financial Approver
  • Once approved, it will be scheduled for payment in the Finance System.

Next Steps and transition plan

  • Suppliers have been contacted and instructed to email invoices directly to - see supplier email
  • Requests for visits / demonstrations - please contact the Support Team
  • Training Resources are now available 
  • Go live onsite support schedule - see below (anyone needing hands on support during the go live week can drop in at any location).
Transition to Kofax

The go live for Kofax is Monday 29th April. There will be a 5 day grace period for any manual reimbursement and other payment forms already in progress. Manual forms received after this will be pushed back.

  • Go Live Onsite Support Schedule
    ECMS Ingkarni Wardli A4.25

    Weds 1st May

    10am – 4pm

    Health Sciences AHMS building Level 3 Meeting Room 3

    Thurs 2nd May

    10am – 4pm

    Infrastructure Schulz Building Level 12

    Fri 3rd May

    10am – 4pm

    Health Sciences Helen Mayo North Level 3 Hot Desk

    Tues 7th May

    10am – 4pm

    Sciences Roseworthy Eastwick Building Rm 1.10

    Weds 8th May

    10am – 4pm

    Sciences Waite School Office Hot Desk

    Thurs 9th May

    10am – 4pm


Finance & Procurement Services


T: +61 8 8313 3414
F: +61 8 8313 4350