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University Business Travel

The University’s travel management company is FCM Travel and all University funded travel must be booked with them.

  • Travel approval process


    Self-serve Traveller – a University staff member (continuing or fixed term) who has access to book their own domestic travel and able to submit their own international travel requisition for approval

    Using a Travel Arranger – students, visitors, titleholders, or casual employees who do not have access to book their own travel will need to use a Travel Arranger to book domestic travel and submit an international travel requisition on their behalf.

    Domestic  Traveller - self serve

    1. Notify and seek approval from your Line Manager

    2. Once approved, book your travel via the Domestic Booking tile in the FCM Travel Hub (refer to QRG)

    For complex bookings email the FCM Travel Team.

    Put the following in the title of your email;         TRAVEL QUOTE – (Traveller Name & Destination)


    International Traveller - self serve

    1. Raise an international travel requisition in Fraedom (refer to QRG), attaching supporting documentation.

    2. Check the advice level for your destination if the advice is      "Do not Travel" or "Reconsider your need to Travel" complete the High Risk Travel Request Form

    3. Once your international travel requisition is approved, email the requisition to FCM Travel for booking and completion (refer to page 8 of the QRG).

    Put the following in the title of your email;         TRAVEL QUOTE – (Traveller Name & Destination)


    Group Bookings

    1. Complete the FCM Group Booking form

    2. Email form to

    Using a Travel Arranger

    If you are a student, visitor, titleholder or casual employee, you will need to use a Travel Arranger to coordinate your travel arrangements.

    1. Complete the Notification to Travel Form and obtain approval from your Supervisor or Line Manager

    2. Email this request to your local Travel Arranger (if not known, contact your School or Faculty Office).

  • Change and cancellation to travel bookings
    If the trip needs to be cancelled, the credit will be recorded in your name, and can be viewed on your FCM Travel Hub profile for future travel.  However, in line with standard airline practice, if the flight is cancelled within 24 hours of departure, the fare will not be credited by the airline. 

    Amendments/ Cancellations

    When communicating by email to FCM travel, please use the following naming conventions in the title of your email;

    Amendments: TRAVEL BOOKING CHANGE – BOOKING NO. (*********)

    Cancellations: CANCELLATION – BOOKING NO. (**********)

  • Accommodation & car hire
    Accommodation and car hire, should be booked at the same time as flights are booked, unless there are sound reasons for not doing so (e.g. included in a conference package).

    Travellers should ensure that all accommodation expenses are reasonable and in line with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) guidelines for the lowest salary band according to the destination which will be flagged as within policy when booking online in the FCM Travel Hub

    Discounted Rates

    Discounted corporate rates have been negotiated with various Adelaide Hotels which are also available in the FCM Travel Hub.  There are also directly negotiated arrangements with selected international hotels frequently used by University staff.

    Non Cardholders

    When booking hotel accommodation for non cardholders, travel arrangers may need to use a Authority to charge credit card to authorise payment of accommodation which is usually paid upon check out.

  • Training resources and systems
  • Travel contacts and assistance

    For domestic travel bookings, visa information and latest news - go to the FCM Travel Hub

    For general travel questions, including changes to travel already booked contact the FCM Travel Team.

    FCM Travel Team
    Tel: 08 8211 6785

    FCM Travel - Emergencies & After hours
    Tel: 08 8211 6785

    Expense Management - Cards & Travel
    Assistance with corporate credit cards, system support for Fraedom, the FCM Travel Hub and general enquiries:

    Phone: 8313 3330 (office hours only)

  • Quarterly reviews and feedback

    Feedback relating to the service provided by FCM Travel can be provided by contacting the Team Leader, Expense Management or by attending one of the quarterly reviews.

    If you would like to attend a quarterly review in person, or via Teams, please contact for the next meeting date.




T: +61 8 8313 3414
F: +61 8 8313 4350