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Hire Vehicles

Travellers should consider hiring a car when driving is more cost-effective than airline or taxis, travelling with other colleagues and/or clients, or transporting large or bulky material.

Booking hire cars

  • Rental cars for domestic & international travel should be booked through the SAVI or directly with FCM Travel when bundled with other travel arrangements such as flights and/or accommodation.  FCM Travel Solutions have access to the University's discounted rates with Avis.
  • Cardholders require an AWD (Avis Worldwide Discount) number to access the University's corporate rates (including lower excesses) which can be obtained from the Expense Management Team on ext 33330.
  • For "car only" bookings, staff are advised to book directly with Avis but must quote the AWD number to access the University's corporate rates.
  • Standard size (sedan or smaller) cars should be utilised when hiring a car unless a larger vehicle is required for a valid reason.

Car hire for non-cardholders (students / visitors)

To access the University's corporate rates, Travel Arrangers making bookings for non-cardholders will require a Wizard number (which is usually applied for at the time of credit card application). Email the Expense Management Team for further information.

Non standard vehicle hire

Where vehicle requirements fall outside of the standard vehicle hire (e.g. off-roading vehicles) which cannot be sourced by Avis or FCM Travel, these may be booked directly with a reputable supplier.

Insurance for rental vehicles

The only insurance the University holds relating to rental vehicles is rental vehicle excess cover under the travel insurance policy, which applies if you are travelling on an approved University trip overseas or outside 100km of your local area.

The policy provides cover for the first $5,000 of any excess payable under a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy, in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle.

The policy applies to light truck and passenger class vehicles only. A passenger class vehicle is defined in the policy as one of the following: hatchback, sedan, van, mini-van, station wagon or four-wheel-drive and excludes campervans and motorcycles.

If the travel is within 100km of your local area, your local area is responsible for any excess you are liable to pay. The University recommends that you purchase a lower excess if available as good risk management practice.  Booking through FCM Travel or directly with Avis using the AWD offers corporate rates and lower excesses.

Refer to the Legal and Risk website for more information and FAQ's.

Using private motor vehicles

If you are using your own private motor vehicle for University business, you are responsible to maintain your own vehicle insurance. You may be eligible to claim a motor vehicle allowance to compensate for that usage.




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