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Information for Travellers

Refer to the information on this page to assist you with planning your trip.

Before you book

Expenses whilst travelling

The University will pay reasonable costs associated with travel such as conference fees, accommodation, meals and transport.  Some additional ad-hoc expenses may be appropriate and some may not, refer to the information below for guidance.

  • Non-Allowable Expenses Procedures - provides practical examples of expenses that are considered non-allowable (or personal in nature), exceptions to these categories which are allowable, and reasonable expenditure thresholds for gifts and entertainment
  • Australian Tax Office (ATO) guidelines - your meal and accommodation costs should be in line with the lowest salary band according to the destination provided by the (ATO). 
  • Passports and Visas

    FCM Travel will assist with any matters relating to passports, visas and other customs/immigration requirements connected to the business trip, however the traveller is responsible for their passport status, including the cost of renewals or passport photos. The University will only meet the costs of visas for those travellers who require them for University-related business travel.

    • Medical Expenses / Advice / Vaccinations

      Travellers are encouraged to seek medical advice prior to travelling overseas. The cost of vaccinations and other precautions recommended as a result of seeking such advice will be refunded by the University to the extent that the traveller is out of pocket. It is expected that the traveller will seek Medicare and/or private medical cover reimbursement before seeking the balance from the University.

      COVID vaccinations - unvaccinated staff and students considering travel must make themselves familiar with the applicable Australian and state government travel requirements regarding their vaccination status.

      The Department of Home Affairs warns unvaccinated travellers on temporary visas that they will not be allowed to enter or re-enter Australia unless they can demonstrate that they have a medical contraindication (see further information here) or that they have applied for and received an individual exemption.  Unvaccinated staff or students on temporary visas who do not have a medical contraindication should apply for an individual exemption well ahead of travelling to ensure that they will be able to re-enter Australia.

      It is also important to understand that airline companies may also have their own vaccination policies; unvaccinated staff and students should discuss this with their travel provider to ensure that they are fully informed before travelling.

      • Booking Travel / Airline Credits

        Refer to the Travel Booking process.

        Accommodation and car hire should be booked at the same time as flights are booked, unless there are sound reasons for not doing so (e.g. an accommodation booking that is part of a conference package).

        If the trip needs to be cancelled, the credit will be recorded in your name, and can be viewed on your FCM Travel Hub profile, for future travel.  However, in line with standard airline practice, if the flight is cancelled within 24 hours of departure, the fare will not be credited by the airline.

        • 24 Hours Support

          For assistance with the corporate credit card program, system support for the Expense Management System and FCM Travel Hub, feedback and general enquiries, contact;

          Expense Management Team (during office hours)
          Phone: 8313 3330

          FCM Travel Team
          Tel: 08 8211 6785

          FCM Travel - Emergencies & After Hours
          Tel: 08 8211 6785 

          Report a lost/stolen card (CBA)
          Within Australia, phone 131576 anytime or visit a branch during bank hours.
          From the USA phone 1800 627 8372 (free call).  For any other country, ask the local telephone operator to place a reverse charge/collect call to the USA and quote 1 636 722 7111.

          Emergency Assistance - Travel Guard
          To contact the Travel Guard global assistance centre - from anywhere in the world, contact the local operator and book a reverse charge (collect) call to: +60 3 2772 5642.  If calling from within Australia dial 1800 003 813 or within USA dial 1-866-814-3375.  If this is not possible email and request an immediate call back.

          Refer to the Legal & Risk Travel Insurance webpage.

          • Travel Insurance

            Insurance is provided to University of Adelaide staff and students while they are undertaking University approved travel. This includes all persons authorised by the University to travel for and on behalf of the University. Refer to Legal & Risk - Travel Insurance for further information.

            Travel defined as “high risk”, requires the approval of Legal & Risk – Insurance Office, as per the Request for Approval to Travel to a High Risk Destination form.

          • Travel Safety

            University travellers should take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of themselves and those travelling with them (for safety guidance see the HSW Handbook; for field trips see also additional guidance in the HSW Handbook).  University travellers must also be aware of quarantine laws that apply when travelling to Australia.

            Travellers are advised to register for travel updates with and monitor variations of travel advice prior to departure.  FCM Travel also provide regular travel alerts in the FCM Travel Hub.

            All travellers face risk overseas.  Risks can be higher for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in some countries. To minimise these risks please refer to the following link which provides advice for LGBTIQ travellers.

            Where a traveller requires emergency assistance, they should contact the University’s insurance provider as detailed on the Legal & Risk website.

            The University has engaged the services of an advisory and travel tracking system to allow the University’s HSW Team to locate travellers in the event of an emergency.

            For changes to travel arrangements and ticketing amendments, contact FCM Travel.


            Anyone intending to travel must ensure they have read the information on the University's COVID-19 website.

          • Travel Diaries and Private Travel

            Travel Diaries - To eliminate any Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) liability to the University, a travel diary is required for any travel undertaken by staff of 6 or more consecutive nights.  Non staff and students are excluded from this requirement.

            Daily activities must be recorded and indicate whether the activity was business or private. A copy of the travel diary must be sent to the University’s Tax Accountant within 30 days from the return date.

            Private Travel - If any private travel component is 50% or more of the total travel, FBT is payable on 50% of the airfare as the trip is deemed to have dual purpose, business and private.  To eliminate the University FBT liability, travellers must:

            > Reduce the private days to less than 50% of the total travel; or

            > Pay 50% of the airfare upfront to FCM Travel Solutions at the time of booking.

            Note: if no payment is made towards the airfare at the time of booking, the traveller will be invoiced for the amount. If no payment is received by the due date, the FBT liability will be charged back to the Faculty/Division.

            For more information refer to the Private Travel & FBT webpage.

            Staff members are eligible to access the University preferred supplier rates when booking leisure travel through FCM Travel Solutions, provided the travel is paid on the traveller’s personal credit card.

          • Airline Lounges & Membership

            Loyalty and frequent flyer programs must not be paid using University funds (including consulting accounts).

            Airline lounge memberships (e.g. Qantas Club or Virgin Lounge) are at the personal cost of any traveller with the exception of frequent travellers (e.g. at least 5 times a year) at the discretion and written approval of an authorised delegate.

            Utilisation of the ‘best fare of the day’ must override all personal airline preferences and/or accrual of frequent flyer points.

            Discounted rates - Qantas Club

            Staff can get a discount off the Qantas Club membership/renewal rate (not applicable to joining fee) - contact the Expense Management Team for details.

            Please note: Airline lounge memberships are at the personal cost of any traveller with the exception of frequent travellers, please refer to the Travel & Entertainment Policy to determine eligibility.

            For further assistance please contact the Expense Management Team or Ext 33330.



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