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UBR Project:

Grants, Budgeting and Reporting

Saving time and making better financial decisions about contract development, contract management and financial management of grants, contract research and consulting, using more comprehensive and accurate financial information.

This project will provide financial managers and chief investigators with access to a single source of complete and correct financial information, leading to decreased workload and frustration, increasing accuracy in financial reports, and reducing potential over-or under-spending. Project data will be integrated into the University budgeting and forecasting process, removing duplication of work effort. Staff will save time and make better financial decisions as a result of more comprehensive and accurate financial information. The project will:

  • Implement the Grants solution in PeopleSoft
  • Develop tools for project level budgeting
  • Provide more complete, better structured financial reports to more people

What is included in the project?

UBR is made up of three related work streams, which include:

  • Grants Solution
    • Improved data capture, reporting, procedures and processes relating to grant and contract cash flows.
    • Reduced risk of over- and under-spending as a result of improved visibility of available funds to all stakeholders, including researchers, through improved data capture, reporting, standardized procedures and streamlined processes.
    • Capture of expenditure plans for grants and contracts will improve budgeting and forecasting.
    • Consistent, up-front capture of awarded grant and contract information, together with billing milestones, will provide efficiencies in the billing process leading to faster receipt of funds.
    • Chief investigators will have increased visibility of their available funds to support them in the management of their projects
  • Reporting

    Improved availability and access to core financial information for all levels to assist with effective financial management, decision making and allocation of resources.

    • New BI professional reports and/or self-service reporting tools will replace manual collation and data manipulation in Excel, saving time and effort and providing better financial information to a wider audience, leading to more effective financial management, decision making and allocation of resources.
    • Improved, easy to understand grants information will be delivered to researchers

    Quick Reference Guides have been prepared for all new reports.

  • Project Level Budgeting
    • Time savings in project budgeting will occur as a result of reduced duplication and streamlined methods.

Progress and who's involved

  • In progress 


    • Workshops to discuss processes involved with contracts and grants
    • Demonstration of PeopleSoft Grants solution for faculty finance teams
    • Collecting expenditure plan information to be uploaded into PeopleSoft
    • Formalised data migration test plan
    • Commenced design and build for ResearchMaster to PeopleSoft  data integration


    • Testing of Non PO and PO Invoice reports in PeopleSoft
    • Establishing roles and responsibilities for operational reports
    • Initial analysis and gathering of feedback on Grants and Contracts reporting requirements


    • Improving the quality of project data in PeopleSoft
    • Rollout an upload tool to Research & Management Accounting to update project dates and status in PeopleSoft
  • Coming up


    • Commencement of Health & Medical Sciences contract entry into PeopleSoft by RBP
    • Demonstration and transition planning for Research & Management Accounting staff
    • Commence migration of RBP contract data from Inteum into PeopleSoft


    • Rollout of Non PO and PO Invoice reports in PeopleSoft
    • Development and testing of initial Grants and Contracts reports
    • Continuing development of operational reports


    • Work continues on improving the quality of project data in PeopleSoft
    • Working Group involvement with testing the tied budgeting model in TM1
    • Formalise discretionary budgeting requirements
  • Who is involved?

    Tony Mitchell, Chief Financial Officer, is the Project Sponsor and Andre Scott is the Business Owner. The project manager is Dani Hopkins.

    Key stakeholders involved in guiding the project include:

    • Finance & Procurement Services, Research Services, Research &Business Partnerships (RBP), and Adelaide Enterprise.
    • Faculty Finance, Research Accountants and Planning Managers.
    • Project advisory groups include subject matter experts and key stakeholders from Faculty Finance, Research Services, Research & Business Partnerships, Research Accounting, Academics, Business Intelligence and Financial Reporting.
  • Who is impacted?
    • Faculty and division finance teams, research development managers, business analysts and managers
    • Chief investigators and other researchers
    • Finance & Procurement Services staff
    • Heads of School and research institutes
    • Supporting teams in Finance & Procurement Services, Information Technology & Digital Services, Planning & Analytics

Want further information or to provide feedback?

For more information, contact the Project Manager, Dani Hopkins or email