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Flipped Learning Symposium Abstracts

What flipping can look like (Part 1)?

Day 1: Monday 14th November 4.30pm-6pm, SAHMRI

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Title Author
1 From Concept to Practice: helping teachers to create effective flipped classrooms Catherine Snelling, Sophie Karanicolas, Tracey Winning | University of Adelaide
2 Student predisposition toward pre-learning

Peter Balan, Greg Restall | University of South Australia

Michele Clark | University of Nevada
3 Encouraging student engagement in pre-work Kate Carroll, Sharon Flecknoe | Monash University
4 Implementing team-based Learning (TBL) in accounting courses Jacqueline Christensen, Kayleen Wood | Southern Cross University
5 MCQs are OUT: Engaging undergraduates with varied in-class activities Hayley McGrice, Susan Hazel | University of Adelaide
6 Encouraging self-regulated learning and improving student engagement in second year science courses Karina Riggs, Beth Loveys | University of Adelaide
7 Adopting a Flipped Classroom approach to foster learning and engagement in science and technology education at the undergraduate level Les Vozzo | Western Sydney University
8 Flipping the Endocrine System: Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes in Blood Glucose Control Tracy Douglas | University of Tasmania
9 Treading water or developing understanding? Sharon Flecknoe, Kate Carroll | Monash University
10 Flipping Anatomy and Physiology for Speech Pathology Students Sarahlouise White, Sebastian Doeltgen | Flinders University
11 Flipped learning in a multi-site first year anatomy unit

Jodi Sita | Australian Catholic University

Sophie Karanicolas, Tracey Winning, Catherine Snelling | University of Adelaide
12 Flipping human anatomy lectures: Engaging students using digital media and mini lectures Mannish Daval, Hayley Green, Cherylea Browne | Western Sydney University
13 Applying Flipped Learning to Placement Preparation and Employability Skills: Can it be done? Louisa Matwiejczyk, Margaret Alexander | Flinders University
14 A flipped approach to fostering collaboration for paramedics learning to manage mental health presentations

Georgia Clarkson | Australian Catholic University

Sophie Karanicolas, Tracey Winning, Catherine Snelling | University of Adelaide
15 Have we achieved what we planned? Staff and student outcomes following implementation of flipped capacity building workshops Tracey Winning, Fizza Sabir, Sophie Karanicolas, Cathy Snelling | University of Adelaide

What people are doing with their flipped designs (Part 2)?

Day 2: Tuesday 15th November 9am-12pm, SAHMRI

Download Presentation Abstracts pdf
Title Presenter
1 Students' perception of learning Chemistry in a flipped classroom Rena Bokosmaty, Meloni Muir, Adam Bridgeman | University of Sydney
2 Orienting and engaging students for pre-learning Peter Balan | University of South Australia
3 Threshold concepts in a flipped classroom to facilitate learning about income and health inequalities Cathy Chittleborough | University of Adelaide
4 Flipping the Haematology Classroom Cindy O’Malley | RMIT University
5 The journey to flipping a large (n=500) class Peter Strelan | University of Adelaide
6 Two knowledge bases for face-to-face thinking skill development and assessment John Willison | University of Adelaide
7 Flipped, online or face-to-face: a cluster-randomised trial of lecture format Michael Noetel, Matthew Pink, Justine Stynes, & Gert-Jan Pepping | Australian Catholic University
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